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4 Reasons to Attend #SpektrixConf 2018

This year’s Spektrix Conference focuses on the theme of Leading for Change and will empower senior managers working in arts organisations to do just that. Now, more than ever, the cultural sector must be responsive and resourceful. So we’re bringing together senior managers to connect and share learning, enabling them to cultivate relevant arts organisations that reach out and make an impact. Overcoming the fear of change isn’t easy so, this year’s Spektrix Conference will enable arts managers to respond to challenges creatively, inspire and lead for change within their organisation and across the sector.

Still not convinced? Here’s why it’s the must-attend conference for arts leaders in 2018.

It’s not all Spektrix – it’s about strategy

The conference isn’t like our regional workshops or roundtables. Spektrix Conference is focused on inspiring and invigorating arts leadership, and is aimed at supporting team leaders and managers with strategic decision makersing. The Spektrix Workshops are practical sessions, designed for people who use Spektrix every day to find new solutions to problems and get the most out of the system, and our roundtables are focused on supporting superusers to explore advanced uses of the system. See more details about our Event Programme on our website At Spektrix Conference we’ll be sharing high-level insights, such as innovative approaches to sector collaboration, new approaches to customer experience design, and developing the future workforce, as well as hearing from inspirational speakers like Clare Connor from The Place, and Phil Batty from Hull UK City of Culture 2017.  

It’s an opportunity to share knowledge with other leaders

Nowadays it feels like there is change happening all around us, all of the time, that we don’t have control over – Trump, Brexit, Global Warming which has been particularly evident this last month. Working in an arts organisation can feel like it has little impact on what goes on in the wider world and, sometimes,  it can feel a bit powerless. So, we wanted to provide an opportunity for the leaders in arts organisations to come together to feel empowered to make change, in whatever way they can – from small changes in their teams driving efficiencies, to revolutionising revenue generation across the sector.

Leaders in arts organisations face unique challenges that set them apart from other executives outside of our sector.  Who else takes overall responsibility for an organisation’s HR, finance, marketing and fundraising whilst overseeing programming, casting and productions too?  And, all the while trying to demonstrate the value of their team’s work to funders, sponsors and government.The Spektrix Conference is a rare opportunity to meet and connect with other leaders in the arts from right across the UK and Ireland, and keep abreast of what others are doing in the sector to build resilience and lead for change.

It’s a chance to reflect on the current cultural landscape

In busy arts organisations, it’s not always possible to hear how peers are reacting and adapting to sector challenges. Coming to Spektrix Conference gives arts leaders the opportunity to hear from organisations across the sector, giving them the chance to understand how to overcome similar challenges. The result? A better understanding of how to lead for change and be inspired to create an impact in the industry.

It doesn’t cost anything extra

Whereas other conferences that offer insights, sessions and networking can often eat into department budgets, Spektrix Conference costs our users absolutely nothing extra to attend. There are a maximum of two spaces for each arts organisation and they're already reserved so that every organisation can attend and be represented. We want the conference to be as accessible as possible, so we’ve partnered with Leeds Conference Services to offer exclusive hotel rates for Spektrix Conference attendee so that they get the best possible rate for their stay. But be quick! Preferential rates are only valid until 28th August.

The ever-expanding Spektrix Community stretches across the UK and Ireland, so we really can’t wait to bring all of you together in September. Interested in attending? Find out more on the Spektrix Conference website or get in touch with us on