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5 Things to Expect from Spektrix Conference 2014

We’re gearing up for this year’s Spektrix Conference on Wednesday 19th November at The Place, London and are pretty excited about it too. Things are shaping up nicely and we’ve added a whole new fundraising track to the day to reflect its growing importance to our clients and the arts sector in general.

Spektrix Conference differs slightly from our more user-focussed events in that it’s aimed squarely at the leadership teams of all our client organisations and focuses on developing marketing and fundraising strategies which have organisation-wide impact and achieve high level business objectives. This year, we’re stepping things up a notch so as well as the usual fixtures like the all-important post-conference drinks, here are 5 other things you can expect from the conference.

Spektrix Conference, despite the name, isn't actually about Spektrix at all. 

1. Expect high quality insight from industry experts, not Spektrix training or sessions about box office software.

Simply put, Spektrix Conference isn’t about Spektrix. It’s about joining up the dots between what’s going on in the sector day-to-day and where we’re headed as a sector, so that you get the insights you need to power real change in your organisation. We’ve especially chosen speakers who we know will motivate and enlighten you, including Erik Gensler (Capacity Interactive), Chris Unitt (OneFurther), Kate White & Jane Rice Bowen (National Centre for Circus Arts), Jane Earl (Rich Mix), Alienation Digital, Strode Theatre and Aliceson Robinson. We might slip in a cheeky 10-minute update on Spektrix right at the start to give you a hint of what we’re working on, but that’s it.

2. Expect punchy, relevant sessions focused on delivering practical insights for organisations like yours.

Every session has been tailored to give you actionable insights. We’ve also been working on something totally new and exciting over the last few months with arts marketing consultant Katy Raines that we’re looking forward to sharing with you. For the first time ever, we’ve looked across our entire client base to identify key audience behaviours over the whole country. Expect to hear about the national reality of re-attendance, crossover and marketing impact. Katy will explain what this means for us as a sector, what CRM in the future might look like and what you can do back at the office to improve revenue with a few key strategies.

3. Get ready for inspiring conversations with organisations that are adapting to change.

For non-profits, fundraising is fast replacing subsidy as an essential revenue stream. More and more of our clients recognise this and are rapidly implementing organisational change to become self-sustaining. There will be sessions throughout the conference geared towards the bigger picture of how philanthropy, fundraising and reduced public funding are changing the sector including insights from Jane Rice-Bowen and Kate White, joint Chief Executives of the National Centre for Circus Arts (formerly known as Circus Space) on how it has reinvented its approach to fundraising. From a standing start to getting their very own Getty-style major philanthropist, Kate & Jane tell us how they’ve created a culture of fundraising that applies to everyone in the business and how that led them to having support from their ‘very own Getty’.

4. Expect to change the way you think about data.

For too long, only the marketing departments and box office teams have made use of box office data. Throughout the day, our speakers will ask you to think about how the information you collect about your audiences can be used to help you achieve business objectives throughout your whole organisation. Come along ready to challenge your internal myths about your audience and ready to think about a new way of using your audience data.

5. Expect networking with our melting pot community of 170 arts organisations to give you a change of perspective. 

Our conference offers a brilliant chance to network with any one of our 170 clients from the UK which includes arts centres, theatres, concert halls, cathedrals and museums. There will be representation from all sectors so you’ll see chief executives from some of the UK’s most prestigious arts organisations rubbing shoulders with leadership teams from some of the most successful small arts organisations in the country. For us that means we’re going to need a massive amount of wine for the post-conference drinks. For you it means a chance to meet and chat with your counterpart in a related field to compare notes and find out more about each other.

Thinking of coming along? Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite soon. Space is limited so book ahead to avoid disappointment.