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A Shared Tool for Shared Goals

Spektrix is a tool for working collaboratively across departments and teams. We've built the system with to give all our users, regardless of their function in an organisation, a full 360 degree view of the customer. By using tools from across the entire Spektrix platform, and making the most of each of the system’s interfaces. you can understand and have a complete view of your audience’s behaviour.

Equally important to the view of your customer’s behaviour is insight into your team members’ activities and priorities in the system, and the knowledge of how each of those interactions impacts your relationship with your customers and donors.

That’s why we're changing the names of two of the Spektrix interfaces: Marketing will become Insights & Mailings, and Fundraising is now Opportunities. We may have been inadvertently been giving the impression that some parts of the system were only for certain types of users, rather than accurately representing the kinds of tools they contained. Instead we want the interface names to reflect the tools you have to work with, not the department you work in.

I recently wrote about some great lessons learned between marketers and fundraisers at the AMA Shared Ambition Day and what we've learned from our experience working with over 360 client teams comprised of sales teams, fundraisers, marketers and organisation leaders. You can read more about that here, but the clear takeaway was that shared goals, along with intentionally and continually growing an understanding of each other’s work and priorities, are key to organisational success. Alongside that, one common theme that comes up again and again is that working together - that is, literally sharing tools and space with each other - has a postivie impact on those shared goals and helps build a vital understanding of each department and team member’s activities and priorities.

That’s why we’ve built Spektrix to be a shared tool across a whole organisation. The actions of everyone using the system work to build better organisations and customer experiences, and we think it’s important that this is reflected through the system and across our clients’ organisational practices. That’s why we’ve developed tools which work for all our users and don’t silo off functions based on job titles.

So next time someone in your organisation, regardless of job title, is looking to build a report, they'll head to Insights & Mailings and when planning how to build long term relationships with key donors, they'll turn to Opportunities. We know it’s change and might take some time to get to used, but we think that in the interest of working better together, a little change is a good thing.