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A Spektrix Conference 2019 Review - Criterion Theatre

This year’s conference seemed to go past in a flash, and as they say time flies when you are having fun! My main highlights from the day were undoubtedly the keynote speakers, specifically Jess Thom and I got little sparks of inspiration from all the speakers in some form which I will go in to in a bit more detail shortly.

I have worked at three Spektrix venues so far with a variety of different requirements from the system and in the past I have found that the conference has leaned more towards focussing on customer retention and relationships which used to be very helpful but became less so having moved to a West End venue with a predominantly tourist audience. However, this year the balance was just right and both myself and my colleague got things we could take back to our workplace. For me this was mostly looking at the box office team and how a happier, healthier environment for staff can not only improve their wellbeing but could also increase the bottom line. A win win!

After a great introduction by Alice Young UK MD for Spektrix summing up the theme of the conference as ‘resilience’ (apt with Brexit looming over us all), we had a few interesting speakers including Liam Evans-Ford from Theatr Clwyd who shared some brilliant ideas and reminded us all that sometimes it is not the ‘big’ answer but the little things that make all the difference. Millicent Jones from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic also had some great examples of how to increase the value of existing assets within your organisation, something which I think can be overlooked and gave us all a reminder to just try stuff and see how it goes. You never know what can happen…

The rest of the day was broken up into breakout sessions which we had pre booked before the day, managing to split up and cover as many as possible, lots of food and plenty of chance to catch up with people from other venues. Undoubtedly the stand out session for me was the final keynote with Jess Thom. She was so engaging and interesting and the impact of the talk left a lasting impression on me, and has continued to do so since the conference.

The conference is a great event to get 600+ like minded professionals together and sharing ideas and practices whilst keeping abreast of things that will be affecting our industry as a whole. And you can normally grab some Spektrix merchandise, what is not to like?

Becky Bently
Deputy Box Office Manager
Criterion Theatre