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A Spektrix Conference 2019 Review - Town Hall Symphony Hall

“first be a person who needs people”

People. Without people, the venues that we all operate within are just shells – from the artists and performers on stages to the box office assistants booking tickets for audiences… 23 million to be precise. 

And it’s the stories of people from across the arts and culture sector that were the focus of my attention at the Spektrix Conference 2019. 

Alice Young shared a deeply moving and personal journey that had strengthened her resilience and translated those lessons of openness for organisations to learn from; Liam Evans-Ford spoke of the inspirational outreach programmes at Theatr Clwyd and how, in delivering those, the management team learned how they could support their staff’s mental health and wellbeing; and Touretteshero’s Jess Thom revealed her experiences – and the difference in time spent making provisions by someone with a disability to attend the same show as someone without – rallying for venues to become truly accessible. 

People are intersectional. Their lives are multi-faceted. It’s the experiences of a diverse mix of society which are brought together into our work and from each individual’s experience, organisations are able to grow and achieve their success.

In real terms, what that means for me at Town Hall Symphony Hall is a commitment to engage more with people across the organisation – to discuss ideas and challenges more openly; and, most importantly, to take time to listen to feedback. 

At the very first Arts Marketing Association Conference I attended, I received a green notebook with Spektrix’s top tips. The notebook's cover showed, in an infographic style, tangible takeaways that prompted my inquisitive nature to delve into the data of the organisation I was working for at the time in order to drive increased income and audience retention. 

While those outcomes are still required of me as the Director of Sales and Marketing for two of the finest concert halls in the world, there is more expected of me. As a Senior Manager. As a leader. 

From our cloud-based ticketing, marketing and fundraising software provider’s conference, I never would have expected to be inspired in that way. To be supported in that way. 

But really, to receive that support from Spektrix should come as no surprise. Their support is what makes them an industry leader. And behind that support is not ticketing software – but people. 

So in the words of Barbra Streisand: first be a person who needs people. 


Richard Loftus
Director of Sales and Marketing
Town Hall Symphony Hall