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Building a Better Business in 10 Minutes

As the year winds to a close, it can feel like a frantic rush trying to juggle end of year reporting, the day-to-day business of your holiday shows, as well as thinking ahead to your targets and goals for 2018, and how to set yourself up to start the new year on the right foot.

But at the end of the day with ten minutes to spare, where should you focus your energies? Here are my top tips for building a more resilient business with easy-to-access data when you have ten minutes to hand. Plug in your favourite motivational Spotify playlist and get cracking…

1. Process a transaction on your website

Your website is one of your most valuable resources. It’s not cheap to keep a site functioning and working well, but small tweaks can make a big difference and improve your online customer journey.

If you have a spare ten minutes have a go at processing a transaction on your website. Try buying a ticket, making a donation, or purchasing some merchandise (you can always return this in your CRM system later). Make a note of what works well, what’s intuitive and where you get a little stuck. Often, something as simple of making a button bigger, or stopping a page from moving back to the top after every click can make a vast improvement to your site and make it a more enjoyable experience for users.

If you can increase the number of customers who can make purchases online and find the answers to their questions, you can free up your in-house sales team to focus on customers that need more assistance.

2. Pick one KPI to measure

Key Performance Indicators are a great way to track progress and set goals. Regardless of your business, there are KPIs that are important to your team’s strategic goals. It could be the number of tickets sold online, number of Twitter followers, number of website hits a month, or the number of customers who book 3+ times.

In ten minutes you can find one KPI (maybe even a few). Once you’ve got your KPI, write it down and put in a 30-minute meeting with a colleague to brainstorm ways you can improve that KPI. Often KPIs can be improved with small changes. For example, improving the number of Facebook followers you have might be improved by paying £30 for a Facebook add, or spending ten minutes a week responding to people's comments and posts on your Facebook wall.

When it comes to brainstorming, focus on the things you can do with the resources you have, not the barriers blocking you from succeeding. It’s easy to sit in a room and get bogged down with the negatives, but we can all do something to improve a KPI - the key is to focus on what’s achievable and measure how the KPI changes over time.

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