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How to Get it Right with Shared Ticketing Systems

Chris Marr is an alumnus of Spektrix.

To share or not to share? Image credit CC.

The potential benefits of a ticketing system that’s shared between several (geographically close) venues are huge. They can allow venues to:

  • Share data. Organisations could communicate with their audiences more effectively and increase the timeliness and relevance of their communications if they joined a consortium. New revenue opportunities could open up as a result.
  • Cross-sell. By allowing organisations to sell for each other, shared systems increase the sales channels available to venues.
  • Save money. By procuring a single system from one supplier, rather than separate ones. There are money-saving opportunities too in system management, administration and in sharing resources.

This isn’t the whole picture, however. Organisations need to plan carefully to avoid becoming bogged down in unforeseen costs, complexities, and not to mention the competing interests between organisations who are not necessarily looking for full collaboration. Are shared systems the perfect solution, or could they cause more problems than they solve?

Download our whitepaper How to Get it Right with Shared Ticketing Systems for a guide to implementing and managing a shared system. Our Managing Director Michael tackles some of the practical issues that come with implementing shared systems and offers guidance for those thinking of joining one.