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Integrated Email Marketing - A Match Made in Heaven

Something beautiful has happened to Spektrix. After months of searching in all the wrong places and some disastrous first dates, we have found our perfect match. It’s a happy union, a marriage if you will. It was a great day when we opened our arms and welcomed them into our heart. Who is this mystery partner getting us hot under the collar?

It’s dotMailer, and we love it. Real life love.

Now we may be a little fussy when it comes to choosing the perfect partner, but there were a lot of boxes to tick. We needed a provider with up to the minute tools and features, a level of support akin to our own and above all, an outstanding API (the computer language of love) in order to integrate with Spektrix. And integrate we have, seamlessly, there is no need to leave the Spektrix interface at all, dotMailer pops up in it’s own iframe. It’s even green….

One of the most exciting parts of the integration is dotMailer’s fantastic drag & drop EasyEditor. Using this tool you can drag, drop, duplicate, delete and resize the text and image elements on your templates with the click of a mouse – no more poking around in the HTML, unless you wish to of course. There is also a handy markup document to make existing HTML templates compatible with the EasyEditor and dotMailer offers a range of bespoke templates designs. It really is that simple and feedback so far has been extremely positive.

Another key aspect of an integrated solution is that there is no longer the need to keep separate lists and databases all over the place. No more manually unticking the data protection statements in your database from an exported list of unsubscribes, or uploading lists of people from multiple sources, it all takes place in Spektrix. The customer record in Spektrix is automatically updated for any clients who choose to opt-out of a campaign and the email sign up form on your website can also be changed to feed directly into Spektrix.

Moving to an integrated solution does not mean forfeiting the segmentation and analytic tools available with many email providers. We understand that targeted campaigns are the name of the game, so much so that behavioural profiling and analysis has long been an integral part of our marketing interface with our own drag and drop feature, the Customer Segmentation tool. A fantastic benefit of integrated email is that the open and click through rates of your campaign are passed back directly into the customer record in Spektrix, resulting in better ROI reporting and the ability to further segment based on campaign specific behaviour. Data geek heaven….

Spektrix and dotMailer, may they live happily ever after.