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Less Friction, More Sales: Spektrix’s New Online Checkout is Here

Basket abandonment rates in e-commerce are extremely high: a huge 78% according to some sources. That’s why the goal of any website selling anything online has to be a checkout experience across all devices that is so effortless, so frictionless and so quick that your customers don’t even notice it happening.

If you can achieve that, that’s more online sales that would have otherwise been abandoned. So we’re really excited about the online checkout which we have redesigned to help with that exact problem.

How have we changed the checkout?

The new online checkout gets your customers through the booking path much faster and includes some clever new features to reduce common points of friction in the online journey. There’s a shorter checkout, passwordless login, express checkout and many more improvements. This has all been designed to reduce basket abandonment rates and increase online sales on every device.

And you can start using it today. Here’s a closer look at what has changed.

Express account creation

When you’re buying something online, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to remember if you already have a customer account or if you need to create one. Now, a customer simply enters their email address to start the checkout process.

The checkout will recognise whether your customer is returning or booking for the first time. If they’re booking for the first time, there’s no more being forced to create an account there and then. All they have to do is provide their email address and then Spektrix seamlessly creates an account in the background using the information the customer supplies as part of the booking process. That way, you still capture that important customer data without the customer feeling like they’ve been forced into creating an account and handing over all of their data. Instead the billing address is requested in context directly before the card payment stage.

Passwordless login

According to the VP of Engineering at Google, 70% of users forget their password once a month, and on average try 2.4 passwords before getting it right. So we’ve reduced the risk of frustrating your customers with passwordless login. When the checkout recognises an email for an existing customer, they’ll be presented with the option of receiving a link to log in via their email address. When they open the link, they’ll be automatically logged into their account so they can pick up where they left off, even if they have changed devices or browsers.

Checkout happens on one page

In 2017, 44% of all visits to Spektrix booking pages came from mobile so it’s crucial that your checkout works well on any device. In the new checkout, all the fields that customers need to complete are on one page. That means customers on mobile don’t have to reload a new page for every step which can really slow things down and frustrate your mobile users. Instead, they can just scroll down and checkout at a speedy pace.

On top of that, there are new CSS classes for the purchase path which are easy to style and fields that appear ready completed with existing customer information.

Visit the Dominion Theatre and Aldwych Theatre to see the new checkout in action.

Be one of the first to use the new checkout

The new checkout is a huge improvement to your online customer experience. We want as many of you to start using it as possible and start feeling the benefits of less friction and more sales. It’s currently in Beta, read our support article or speak to us to find out more: