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Let's Get Mobile

Following my previous blog someone commented on the mobile optimization of email newsletters. So naturally I’m writing this blog about mobile optimization!

I had a quick scan of our clients’ latest campaigns and the results range between 27% – 46% open rates on mobile devices, averaging out at about 1/3 of recipients reading their emails on the go.

Mobile ready websites are now quite commonplace, some of our clients have recently invested in new responsive websites, or are currently in the process of redesigning them. When I come across a website that isn’t mobile ready I’ll usually spend few minutes pinching, scrolling and accidentally clicking on the wrong option in a drop down menu before giving up entirely and playing Angry Birds instead.

I’m sometimes surprised that the same effort isn’t put into marketing campaigns.  I don’t know about you but I regularly read my emails on my phone, usually flicking through emails whilst waiting for a train/bus/friend (if I’ve given up killing green pigs on Angry Birds), and am sometimes surprised that campaigns from companies with excellent mobile sites haven’t put the same level of thought into their marketing campaigns. Pinch and scroll, pinch and scroll….

However the same CSS MediaQueries can be used in the code of your campaign templates to change the way it displays when opened on a mobile device. Multiple news articles of tiny text which requires lots of scrolling, can be turned into shorter interactive lists of headings with show/hide toggles, or ‘progressive disclosure’ to use the technical term…. You can also use these queries to hide aspects of your newsletter, enlarge action buttons or text and vertically stack images. A personal favourite as scrolling side to side and up and down is just a pain, and RSI in my thumb greatly reduces my hit rate on Angry Birds….

MailChimp’s new editing tool allows you to preview your campaign in both a desktop and mobile view. dotMailer (which provides the integrated email marketing capability in Spektrix) have recently extended the capabilities of their Easy Editor so that clients can create compatible MediaQuery templates, or they offer a design service for bespoke mobile optimized templates. They are also working on including these features in their standard Easy Editor so along with the drag & drop, duplicate and resize elements features I have discussed before there would be the added ability to hide sections/articles and indulge in some ‘progressive disclosure’…. Exciting stuff.

Is there more you can do to make your campaigns stand out? If the future is mobile then investing a little extra in your template designs could result in a little extra in your pockets!