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Meet the Team: Anna, Systems Analyst

Anna, Systems Analyst at Spektrix. 

Name: Anna Pena Martinez

At Spektrix since: April 2016. At the time of writing this, I’ve been here for 3 great months.

Originally from: I’m from Valencia in Spain, but I’ve lived in various cities in Spain, exchanged houses with families in the UK and Ireland, lived in Switzerland for my masters and travelled in US and Europe frequently. Home is where the WiFi is!

What do you do at Spektrix? 

I work in the Product & Design team as the Systems Analyst. I investigate features, suggestions and issues with the system and devise solutions. This usually involves interviewing lots of people, such as users and engineers to get a holistic understanding of the impact of these requests and the complexity of the technology, as well as drawing mock-ups of features and preparing thorough documentation.

What were you doing before you joined Spektrix? 

I was a Software Project Manager and Business Analyst with ByBox, focusing on their international projects. I managed projects for clients all over the world and investigated features and potential improvements.

What made you want to join Spektrix? 

Seeing how happy Spektrix clients were with the system, and how eager they were to share it with the world. I wanted to be part of the team behind such a fantastic experience.

What’s a typical week like for you? 

A typical week is full of conversations, drawings, documents and cups of tea. Communication is the key to building great software.

What are some of the challenges you face?

I need to be able to put myself in the shoes of the person I’m speaking with, and frame their needs, wants and challenges within the big picture. Triaging (determining and prioritising what needs to be done) is never easy, and the team needs realistic, prompt information to work with. I need to be very alert and listen to everyone so that nothing falls through the cracks and cool new features get implemented swiftly.

What’s your favourite part of working at Spektrix? 

I love understanding the challenges each user and team at Spektrix faces, and how to make them all successful within our system. And the Spektrix biscuit of the week, of course.

What advice would you give young women starting a career in tech and development? 

In my experience, women are more likely to be penalised when they are being assertive and outspoken, for example when trying to have their voice heard when prioritising resources for a project. I’ve found that women are often seen as “pushy” or “abrasive” and this can affect future discussions with colleagues. Be aware of this challenge and learn about negotiation techniques. Not only how to use them, but to be aware when someone is using them on you. It will also help you identify what makes each person in your team successful.

What tech tools do you use that you couldn’t live without? 

I love using Google Docs because it allows me to collaborate and get feedback instantly without having multiple copies of the same document.

If you weren’t at Spektrix, what else do you think you’d be doing? 

Probably trying to come up with a great idea for a start-up.

Favourite thing to do in London? 

I love to eat out and London has so many restaurants and pop-up diners to try out - I am definitely spoiled for choice here.