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Software and Systems: Which Needs to Change?

When I visit arts organisations I frequently hear the phrase ‘That happens because of the system’ or ‘our system won’t let us do that’. Venue staff are sometimes simply referring to the functional limitations of their box office software, but more often than not they are describing a number of factors that combine to influence the way the organisation operates. These vary from place to place, but often include fear of challenging the status quo, a perceived lack of resource to effect change and box office operating procedures that employ clunky workarounds to get things done on an ageing booking platform.

Often when we talk about our ‘box office system’, we actually mean ‘a combination of our organisational culture and our booking software’.

Your system is more than just your software.

There is a traditional perception that moving from one box office ‘system’ to another is scary, risky, difficult and expensive. Why would any organisation want to embark on a project with so many potentially negative outcomes?

Changing ‘systems’ provides an opportunity to examine business practices and understand exactly which  challenges could be addressed by a change of software and which could be improved by a change in working practice.

In our experience we find that organisations that embrace this opportunity are able to minimise fear, mitigate risk and cost whilst maximising the potential for improvement and growth afforded to them by adopting a new ‘system’. You’ll often hear us talk about Spektrix being provided ‘as a service’. This phrase describes both how we deliver box office software to our clients, but also how we work with organisations that are moving to us or have already made the switch.

We can’t promise that changing box office system won’t involve a certain degree of excitement, but we do absolutely everything we can to make the process painless, smooth and controlled. We spend time talking to you about your processes and help staff consider a shift in thinking or an alternative, easier approach using Spektrix.

The best way to find out more about our abilities in this area is to talk to our existing users about their experiences of switching to Spektrix and how it influenced their working practices. We list some of our clients here on our website and we’re also happy to provide a full list of users to interested parties, so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about switching ‘system’ and considering Spektrix.