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Spektrix Conference – Understanding Organisations with Jane Earl

Chris Marr is an alumnus of Spektrix.

Jane Earl at the Spektrix Conference 2014.

The Spektrix Conference 2014 gave us the opportunity to discuss how (and why) arts organisations need to change. But in our Lightning Talks session, or in any of our other speakers’ sessions, there remained one unanswered question: how do we make this change happen in our organisation? Our final keynote speaker, Jane Earl, helped to shed some light on this. Formerly Chief Executive of Wokingham Borough Council and the chief of a new strategic agency for tackling crime, Jane is now Chief Executive of Rich Mix, a vibrant arts and cultural centre in Bethnal Green.

Drawing on her varied and extensive experience, Jane shared her thoughts on how organisations work, what makes them go wrong, and how to fix them when they do. By exploring the five things that unsuccessful organisations don’t know about themselves, Jane provides a framework for understanding and changing your organisation for the better. Listen to Jane's keynote below, with a quick intro from our Director of Business Development Libby.



5 things that organisations don’t know.

1. What they’re for (and why they do it).
Understanding and articulating your purpose is key. If you don’t a mission that your entire organisation can get behind, you need one.

2. What they need to know about their people.
Successful organisations listen to, nurture and develop their staff, at every level of the organisation.

3. How they use their data.
One that we can get behind at Spektrix… Don’t manage by anecdote – find the right way to harness the potential of your data.

4. What leadership means.
What does a successful leader look like? It’s much more than just a title, it’s a set of skills and qualities in someone who makes things work.

5. How to deal with things when they go wrong.
Sometimes organisations go wrong, and leaders need to fix them. Be honest and accept when they are going wrong, focus on your mission and don’t miss the opportunity to learn from mistakes.