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The 2019 Spektrix Workshops

Spring is here, and the Spektrix Workshops team are ready to hit the road again with a brand new collection of workshops!  This year we’ll be covering themes such as Access Ticketing, Audience Insights, Strategic Online Fundraising and many more, so why not come along and learn all of our Trix of the Trade. 

Spektrix Workshops are practical sessions for box office, marketing and fundraising teams that aim to promote best practice and address common questions.

Who are the Spektrix Workshops for? Everyday users of the system who need actionable insights they can take away and apply to their Spektrix system.

How do I book? You’ll get an email when booking opens. It’s first come, first served so be quick because places get booked up. Spektrix Workshops are free to attend.

When and where is it? The workshops take place in the Spring and then are repeated in the Winter around the UK and Ireland so as many people can attend as possible. If you can’t attend the Spektrix Workshops this Spring, don’t fret! We'll be repeating the workshops next Winter with another engaging programme. 

This Spring we’re heading to six cities across the UK: Ely, Edinburgh, Bristol, Wolverhampton, London and Sheffield.

Lauren Watson, Spektrix Team Manager (Support and Training) talks about why the Spektrix Workshops are a must-attend event if you're a data-loving arts professional.

Lauren WatsonWhen I started with Spektrix last year I joined just as the excitement of the workshops was ending – I had so many questions. What were they? What happens? And most importantly, how can I be involved?!

I knew from almost day one at Spektrix that I wanted to be a part of the 2019 Workshops – I just had to find what I was passionate about! Although I missed out on those that were delivered in the Spring, I was lucky enough to go along to the one of the Autumn workshops in Leeds - my mind was blown.

The position I was in was relatively unique – I was there to be on hand to answer questions about the system and assist on the day, but I was also there as a participant, there to enjoy the workshops and watch the magic unfold! It was amazing to see groups of Spektrixers, who were all passionate about the arts and their roles together in one place getting excited about how we could help their venue with best practice, new ideas and facilitating discussion.

I think what makes the Workshops so unique is that as well as giving Spektrixers a chance to network, ask questions and be part of an open forum for sharing ideas, it also gives us, your friendly Support and Training Consultants, a chance to shout about the features that we love – be it either attributes and how cool they are, getting under the hood of reports and what powers them, to making your venue as accessible as it can be.

We're looking forward to giving you actionable takeaways, challenging existing ideas and giving you the tools to push for change at your venue - Lets make your Spektrix life that little bit greener!


What I’ll be covering at the Spektrix Workshops

I’ll be talking about Attributes – what they are, how they work, why they’re amazing and how using them can benefit your organisation! Through filtering your website integrations to searching in a customer list, this clever system feature can help speed up and streamline your internal processes -  all whilst making you feel like a whizz whilst you’re at it!

From having worked in retail and ticketing, there’s nothing worse than having to remember what event or item should trigger a particular offer, or questioning why an event isn’t showing on the website in a certain way, or having to find a group of people with obscure booking habits – attributes can make these a breeze!

Find your nearest Spektrix Workshop this spring:

Tuesday 14th May - Ely Cathedral, Ely - BOOK NOW
Thursday 16th May - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh - (FULLY BOOKED)
Thursday 23rd May - Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol - (FULLY BOOKED)
Friday 24th May - Wolverhampton Grand, Wolverhampton - BOOK NOW
Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th May - Lyric Hammersmith, London (FULLY BOOKED)
Friday 31st May - Showroom Workstation, Sheffield - BOOK NOW

Session titles from our upcoming Spring Workshops include: 

  • Strategic Fundraising
  • Meet the Metrics
  • Enhancing your Engagement Projects
  • A Tribute to Attributes
  • Audience Insights
  • Access Ticketing