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The Spektrix Benchmark Report 2017 is here...


Download the Benchmark Report 2017

The Spektrix team here have been doing some digging around in the data of the 300+ arts organisations we work with and found some insights that we think you might be interested in. From arts centres to producing theatres to festivals, we looked at various aspects of marketing, sales and fundraising to sense check how the arts were doing as a whole. In addition, we noticed that there isn’t a lot of info out there that helps organisations compare how well they’re doing with things like customer retention, email campaigns and point of sale donations to others. The Benchmark Report is a great guide to help you do just that.

A huge variety of organisations use Spektrix and we hope that these insights will encourage you to give yourself a big pat on the back or perhaps highlight some areas for improvement. If it's the latter, the Spektrix team are more than happy to help you achieve your potential or have a chat about any of the info.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. If you’re a client and want to get these stats for your organisation, have a read of our support article that will help you extract your own data from Spektrix. Happy analysing!

Download the Benchmark Report and share with your team. Data is a wonderful thing.