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The Spektrix Company Values

The Spektrix HQ

As we bounded over the 200 client mark earlier this year, the team here at Spektrix took some time to reevaluate our focus. With the company growing at a rapid speed, it’s so important to us that we plan for the future and define the way we work as a team.  

We thought about three values that we live by every day in order to continue our growth and progress. Rather than thinking of a list that the team here had to work to live by, we looked to find values that live in our team already. We knew that we needed our values to be authentic and had to encompass all aspects of our team.

We regularly measure our work against these core values, not just because we want to make sure Spektrix is a great place to work and our clients receive the best possible service, but also to make sure we have a working environment where our team feel they have room to grow. We want to keep them inspired as well as wanting to learn and improve themselves.

The entire Spektrix team are committed to these principles, both in our service to our clients and in the way we operate internally.

  • We put people first. We believe that putting people first drives happiness in our team and loyalty in our customers. We make everyone feel valued and add empathy (and a little humour) into our work.
  • We're honest and open. Without honesty and openness, we can’t trust each other and move forward. This means giving constructive feedback, total transparency with our users and speaking up when we don’t think something is right.
  • We look for smart solutions. We approach problems with common sense and logic. Whenever we think we could be doing something better, we make it a reality.

When putting together this list, we thought back to when the team were working out of Matt’s bedroom at the beginning of Spektrix. These values have always underpinned everything we do and always have done, so refreshing them now means we can make sure everyone has the same goals as we grow the team and our client base. Finding what is best about our team and shining a light on those qualities, means Spektrix is in a great position to move into 2016.