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We are proud to present…R32!

The Spektrix Engineering team is proud to present, a joint production in collaboration with Spektrix Support featuring special guests including Managing Director Michael Nabarro and our Technical Director Matt Scarisbrick…*drumroll*...our brand-spanking new release, R32!

The Engineering team have been hard at work rehearsing - I mean, coding away for the past six weeks in order to bring our clients a bunch of awesome new features:

  • One of them is Best Available Seating. Now when our users’ customers want to purchase tickets to an event, they can automatically choose the best seats in the house at that point in time.
  • How does Spektrix know which are the best seats in your seating plan? Easy. You tell us. We’ve created a nifty new Best Available Overlay Editor where you can tell Spektrix where the best seats are and thus make sure your customers always get the best seats available at the time of purchase.
  • Another new feature we’re very excited about is Fixed Series. Now our clients will be able to create series of event instances that their customers will be able to buy all at once. This will give venues the ability to offer subscription-based seasons (very popular in the US) but also offer a fixed series of events around a particular theme or festival with a fixed number of sessions. Loads of stuff. 
  • For our fab Fundraising users, we’ve added the bulk creation of opportunities and activities. Now you won’t have to create them one-by-one. Instead you can bulk create opportunities from segmented customer data in the marketing interface. 

How cool is that? (Very cool).

All this, plus loads of other bug fixes, make R32 the best Spektrix release yet. Get your tickets - I mean, log in to Spektrix now to bask in its awesomeness.  We hope you enjoy it!

We’d love to hear what you think. Please send comments via Twitter @spektrix