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Your Guide to to Spektrix Conference 2018

The Spektrix Team have taken a different approach to programming Spektrix Conference this year. We've shown the door to traditional conference strands following the "Box Office" and "Marketing" convention, and instead, we've focused our efforts on delivering you a programme of sessions which are multi-disciplinary, cross-functional and not defined to departmental streams. This approach to programming opens up the day for more collaboration, curiosity and will hopefully give you more opportunities to discover what leading for change looks like across the sector.

Of course, we've made space for you to get together with your direct peers and talk about the topics that are unique to your role and department's remit, so make sure you pop along to one of our special roundtables during the day.

We've asked the Team Spektrix folk to draw up their dream schedules for the day, and what we think you'll find most interesting at this year's conference. 

A First Timer’s Guide to Spektrix Conference 
by Anna Wiseman, Partnerships Manager

With over 60% of people signed up for Spektrix Conference first timers, we wanted to highlight some sessions we think might give you newbies a great introduction to the world of Spektrix and some impactful ideas to take back to the office.

The Power of Collaboration - You are not Alone

Collaboration is key to our success and to the success of many of our clients. Pop along to this session and see how organisations from Wiltshire Creative to Future Arts Centres and the Wellcome Trust are working together to create efficiencies and build resilience.

Aiming for Success - The Value of Outcome-Driven Change

As a first-timer, you might want to know a little more about product development and decision making at Spektrix - this is the perfect session for you to learn a little more about us and our processes.

Customer Moments - This Time It’s Personal

Customer relationships are at the heart of everything we do; come to this session to hear about how New Wolsey Theatre is surprising and delighting their audiences and meet one of our partners, Activity Stream, who will delve into how you can implement them as a part of your own audience strategy.

A Fundraiser’s Guide to Spektrix Conference
by Liv Nilssen, Sector Strategy Lead

There’s a lot to explore for fundraisers at Spektrix Conference this year. All of our talks are designed great insight into leadership to all our users, but we recommend a few which you might find particularly interesting….

The Arts and the Deal - Negotiating for the Future

This session promises some great insight into negotiation. We’ll talk about building win-win corporate partnerships along with some lessons to learn from the for-profit sector.

A Revenue Revolution and a Culture Change

How can a focus on increasing both contributed and earned income together help teach us lessons in leadership and collaboration? Find out here.

Fundraisers' roundtable

Sometimes it’s helpful to swap ideas and concerns with fellow fundraisers from across the country. How are we tackling the challenges and opportunities in the sector? Do you have a question for the group?

And, of course, it’s a rare fundraiser who doesn’t like a good networking event! Join us for Networking Drinks to meet other fundraisers and organisational leaders from the over 170 venues represented.

A Head of Communications Guide to Spektrix Conference
by Brooke Gallagher, Senior Account Manager

Spektrix Conference is brimming with opportunities for you to gather ideas about brand and customer engagement, and to meet and learn from others in the cultural sector – and that’s before we even get to the networking drinks at the end of the day! Just a few of the many sessions we think you’ll find valuable are:

Using Data to Influence People and Advocate for Change

Exeter Phoenix and Bradford Theatres will share real world examples of using data to get organisational buy in and make change. Learn how to influence at every level of the business.

More Than a Website - Digital Journeys Panel

This panel will feature some of the sector's most innovative digital and design agencies sharing real world examples of the industry leading websites they have created.

Theatre is not a Fridge - Reflections on ‘Product-ing’ Theatre in Arts Marketing Practice

Do your brand and communications promote a performance or a product? Arts marketer, audience researcher and academic Emma McDowell will explore the tendency for theatre and performance to be treated like white goods, and what this might mean for audiences.

A Ticketing Manager’s Guide to Spektrix Conference
by Paul McGuinness, Head of Account Management

Selling tickets is central to the Spektrix mission, so we’ve packed Spektrix Conference with breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and presentations that will help our customers to do just that! There will be opportunities to hear about Spektrix and how our tech is being developed with ticketing in mind, as well as several sessions aimed specifically at people like you, who work in ticketing every day:

Using Data to Influence People and Advocate for Change

Do you need to be able to influence upwards, downwards and side to side? This session will use real world examples to show you to how to get organisational buy in and make change.  

The Future of the Box Office
In this increasingly digital age, it’s important to think about how the box office is evolving. Come to this roundtable to share ideas about how to engage customers and provide them with the best possible service.

Consumer Psychology Workshop
Getting into the mind of the customer is a key to selling tickets! In this session, Debbie Richards will use practical case studies, examples from arts organisations around the world – and some fun interactive ‘games’ – to demonstrate how behavioral economics can help you.

A “All About Tech” Guide to Spektrix Conference
by Ludivine Siau, Product Manager

Combining knowledge of the arts with breakthrough technology to grow audiences and increase revenue, Spektrix is undoubtedly a techie organisation! For people like you, who want to find out more about the Spektrix infrastructure and how it will enhance your business, the conference has a huge amount to offer…

Afternoon Welcome and Spektrix Panel Q&A

Don’t miss this post-lunch welcome from Spektrix CEO and Founder, Michael Nabarro, followed by an open Q&A - you provide the Qs, our leadership panel will provide the As.

Aiming for Success - The Value of Outcome-Driven Change

In this session, we’ll look at the benefits and challenges of adopting an outcome-driven approach to change, tools you can use to foster and apply that mindset to deliver meaningful results, and an exploration of product development at Spektrix.

Behind the Tech - The Evolution of the Spektrix Infrastructure

Hear first hand about what our tech team are working on to achieve faster functional delivery, even greater stability, security, and performance of the platform.