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Five Benefits of using the Spektrix Opportunities Interface

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Fundraising is a crucial part of many organisations, and getting organised with managing relationships with key stakeholders and donors could make a massive difference to a fundraising team.

The Spektrix Opportunities Interface is a tool that does exactly this, as well as combining with many other great Spektrix tools such as tracking Gift Aid, processing donations and philanthropic memberships. The benefits of having one system and a place to keep all your fundraising data are huge and here are just a few.


1. It makes communicating easier

Spektrix is a great central CRM tool for an organisation, holding all your data in one place, from people who have just signed up to the mailing list through to ticket bookers, members, key stakeholders, prospects and donors. Having this information in one place means you can spot connections at a glance, mine your database for new prospects and keep everything up-to-date.

Here are a few things that will make communication easier with Spektrix Opportunities Interface:

  • Single customer view. If a donor mentions to the Box Office they have a new phone number whilst buying tickets, as soon as it’s been updated once it will be synced across your system. So no need to pass information from one department to another.
  • Visibility. If you decide to add a new prospect to the system, you’ll spot straight away if they’ve booked tickets with you before.
  • Finding donors. You’ll easily be able to find those regular bookers who donate and buy top price tickets every time, ensuring warm prospects won’t be ignored.

Screenshot of the fundraising pipeline in Spektrix, showing every interaction with a donor along a timeline


2. It improves time management

We know time is precious, especially for small fundraising teams. The Opportunities Interface gives you the tools to manage the team’s time, from how much is spent on each task to seeing how close you are to hitting those all-important targets.

The ability to assign prospects and tasks to other team members lets you plan for the occasions when something needs to be done but you’re out of the office.

Powerful forecasting reports and flexible campaign structures mean you can keep track of how much you’ve raised and what you expect to come in. With this in mind you can make sure everyone is focusing their time in the right place.

Screenshot of the Activity Editor in Spektrix, making it easy to set reminders for the fundraising team

3. It allows you to have knowledge at your fingertips

With organisation-to-donor relationships often lasting tens of years, organisations always run the risk of losing key bits of information if a member of staff leaves. Spektrix Opportunities Interface provides a single place for all communications and conversations to be recorded, so you can see a full history of the organisation-to-donor relationship at a glance.

The Opportunities Interface encourages you to record as much as they can, so if a member of staff leaves, key information stays in the organisation.


4. It gives you the freedom to access information everywhere

Spektrix lives in the cloud, so you have access to the system wherever you have an internet connection. This allows you to add notes to a donor’s record on your way home from a meeting, or you can quickly remind yourself of a donor’s last gift or the last application you sent to a Trust just before the meeting.


5. It allows you to easily manage events

Spektrix Opportunities Interface has an event management tool enabling you to keep track of invitations and replies. From Gala events to pre-show drinks receptions, you can manage all your events in Spektrix. You can even record any guests attending and any notes against the invitation.

By tracking your invitations in Spektrix, you can also keep an eye on those individuals who always decline or have suddenly stopped attending. This is great if you want to keep your guest list up-to-date or re-engage a donor. 

Screenshot of the Invitation Management tool in Spektrix, tracking invites, responses and guest details

It sounds amazing, is there anything Spektrix Opportunities can’t do?

Yep, it’s a pretty nifty tool but there is one thing Spektrix Opportunities Interface can’t do – make the ask! Spektrix provides you with all the tools you need to record and manage your communications with donors and prospects, but you still have to go out and raise the money.

With all your data in one place, it’ll be easier to find prospects in your database and feed these directly into your fundraising strategy, but the hard work still needs to be done by the fundraisers.

The most important thing Spektrix Opportunities Interface will give you, is more time and better insight into your donors – and with those you’ll have a better chance at raising more money.

Is the Opportunities Interface right for me?

If you’re using Spektrix for ticketing and marketing, you’ve got a list of donors in a spreadsheet or use another CRM tool then moving to Spektrix Opportunities is a great idea.

If you don’t use Spektrix for ticketing and marketing or you can count your donors on one hand, then Spektrix Opportunities Interface probably isn’t for you (yet!).


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