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Five Spektrix Tools to Get You Ready for GDPR

Five Spektrix tools to get you ready for GDPR

Industry changes that drive new ways of engaging with our customers happen all the time. Through them all, our goal at Spektrix is providing you with the right tools and resources so that you can adapt to the change and keep getting the most out of our software and support. 

We’ve been working on a set of resources and tools that will help you get ready for one particularly big industry change that’s about to happen: the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you’re not up to speed on GDPR, read about it here.

GDPR introduces new rights for individuals over their personal data by regulating how it can be collected, used, and processed by businesses. It’s a positive change that brings data protection in line with developments in technology in the last decade.  

When it comes to complying with GDPR, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – every organisation has its own processes and goals. We’re also not legal experts and can’t tell you what to do to become compliant. But we do have ten years of experience working with arts organisations to better manage their data and have put that experience to good use in developing a set of tools and resources you can use to prepare.

These are designed to help you take a pragmatic and business-friendly approach that keeps your audience at the centre of all of your decisions. We don’t believe that complying with GDPR has to be difficult and hope our tools take the fear out of preparing for the changes as well as showing you what a great opportunity it is to build better customer relationships.


1. GDPR Toolkit for the Performing Arts

We originally developed the GDPR Toolkit for the Performing Arts to support our clients but because we think it’s an important toolkit for all arts marketers and fundraisers, we’ve made it available to everyone. The toolkit includes tools to help you work towards an approach to complying with GDPR in a way that is practical and respectful to audiences while still being business-friendly. 

The cover of our GDPR toolkit for the performing arts

Here’s what one person has to say about our toolkit:

“I was recently sent your GDPR Toolkit: Boldly Compliant by a partner venue. I thought it was the best and most helpful guide to GDPR that I have read (and believe me that’s a lot).”  Rachel Emmett, Head of Finance & Operations, Dance4.

2. GDPR consultation with our team

If you’re a Spektrix user, the Support team are on hand to help you implement your compliance strategy in your system. Get in touch at support@spektrix.com

If you’re not a Spektrix user, we're still happy to talk to you about your strategy and data security - email hello@spektrix.com to find out how we can help.


3. Stay tuned to our blog

Stay tuned to our blog, where we regularly post updates on developments across the arts, culture and entertainment sector.


4. Hear from us at events

We’ve been holding workshops in London and Manchester, participating in webinars and speaking at events in partnership with Thrive, Counterculture Legal and UK Theatre. If you haven’t made it to any of those, you can still hear us speak about GDPR in the following places:

  • Listen to this webinar with UK Theatre that Michael Nabarro, Spektrix co-founder and CEO took part in with other sector leaders for a lively discussion that provides clarity on a lot of questions. 
  • Attend Michael’s session at Ticketing Professionals Conference on Friday 16 March at 10.30am in collaboration with leading consultant Katy Raines (Indigo Ltd) which poses the question: ‘GDPR: A Legitimate Approach?’ 
  • Attend a 'Boldly Compliant: GDPR Seminar' by Spektrix. We’ve already hosted two GDPR seminars in London and Manchester, and our next one in Glasgow takes place on the 19th March. Join us at Tron to hear from Liv, Sector Strategy Lead about how you can develop an audience-friendly approach to GDPR and how Spektrix can help you achieve this. If you’re interested in attending, get in touch at hello@spektrix.com  Matt Akers speaks to a group of Spektrix users at a recent GDPR event in Manchester

5. Make use of system tools

The Spektrix system currently has the tools to support you in becoming GDPR compliant. If you’re a Spektrix user, read our guide ‘How to Implement your GDPR Approach in the Spektrix System’ which you can find in the Support Centre.

In addition to those existing tools, we’re working on developing some new features and updating existing features that will make the system even better when it comes to compliance. These include privacy policies that are linked to in the booking path and the ability to archive contact preferences. We’ll share more information about this soon.


What next?

We don’t see GDPR as something that you’ll stop needing support on once the 25th May comes around. The process of becoming and staying compliant will probably be ongoing and we’ll continue to develop and adapt our tools and resources in response to your needs. We’ve had some amazing feedback about the support we’ve offered so far:

“The e-shot about GDPR consultancy that went out is such great customer service – to actively offer such a supportive service is really 5 star. You guys should be proud of your approach as I really think it’s the exception of what’s happening elsewhere."

– Ed Green, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Derby Live

We want to keep this up. If you have any feedback about what we’re doing right or what support you’d like from us to prepare you for this change, tell us by emailing hello@spektrix.com or leave a comment below.


We’re here to help you prepare for GDPR as much as possible, but we can’t offer legal advice and none of the information we provide should be taken as such. We strongly recommend taking your own legal advice before committing to any decision regarding GDPR.


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