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Sacramento Philharmonic & opera in concert

Designed for arts and culture

Spektrix was born out of the cultural sector, filling a need for agile, easy to use technology with the needs of its users, their patrons and donors at its heart.

That commitment holds true today, and it’s what makes us the market leader in the UK and Ireland and the fastest growing provider in the US and Canada.

Spektrix technology is designed to support every aspect of your work - from ticket transactions to fundraising campaigns, financial management and audience insight. It’s designed to let you focus on what you do best, while we make sure your system’s always up to date and up to speed.

And when you choose Spektrix, you’re not alone. You’re part of a community of arts professionals, partners and consultants whose experience, software solutions and digital expertise can help you achieve even more.

Love working with Spektrix. Their team is very fun and easy to work with.
Charla Lawson
Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera
The customer service we've experienced so far has been great, and one of the areas we are most pleased with. Spektrix support goes beyond the onboarding process and includes regular training sessions, updates, and customized support. We're so excited to be with Spektrix.
Lindsay Calmes, Patron Services Manager
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
This is the most helpful webinar I've seen during the whole pandemic, and I've seen a lot of webinars. Being able to see all the $ charged and refunded, and to get that in csv format, is super helpful. Thank you!
Dagny MacGregor, Sales Manager
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Thanks again for your help. I must say I'm impressed that someone noticed and responded to the feedback I gave.
Cathy Dreger
Chattanooga Symphony and Opera
The Spektrix merchandise functionality allowed us to easily set up the items, track inventory, provide unique shipping options, and report on sales. Our web developer, Sland Studios, was integral in this process and designed several web components to suit our needs. We also reached out to Spektrix to create a customized report that gave us a quick breakdown of costs, expenses, and net revenues.
Courtney Ilie
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Closer Relationships

When audiences and donors feel more connected to your organization, you quickly feel the benefits in your interactions and your bottom line. Using sophisticated segmentation tools to drive more personalized communications, you‘ll quickly boost repeat visits, increase secondary spend, drive membership and subscription sales, and encourage earlier booking.

With Spektrix, it's easy to design, test and implement your audience development strategy. Identify audience segments, target loyalty programs, incentives and offers, and bring every member of your audience back, again and again.

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Deeper insights

The first step to growth is understanding - and with Spektrix, data is at your fingertips, helping to drive revenue, efficiency and collaboration.

A suite of 40+ reports are included as standard, with drag-and-drop tools to explore your own data and a team on hand to build customized reports on your behalf, whenever you need them, at no extra cost.

It’s easy to track ROI across marketing and fundraising campaigns, to find the data you need to unlock major funding streams, or to automatically segment audience members based on purchases, donations or engagement.
And because our technology and consultancy go hand-in-hand, we’re here to help you delve deeper into your data, benchmark your success against similar organizations, and put audience insights at the very center of your strategy.

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Streamlined processes

Setting up a new season needn’t feel like hard work. Intuitive processes and a user-friendly design makes it easy to configure seating plans, pricing and fees, to upsell merchandise and prompt donations, or to drive and monitor major marketing or fundraising campaigns.

Free up time from repetitive tasks with layer-by-layer event building, one-click edits for bulk changes, inclusive training and dedicated support. There’s no need for an in-house administrator - everyone’s an expert from the moment you log in.

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Robust systems

Spektrix is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform - which means we’re responsible for maintenance, updates and operations, and you’re free from the cost and responsibility of maintaining in-house servers or system support.  

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, our servers are infinitely scalable to keep up with your busiest days, giving us a secure base from which to maintain 99.99% uptime and to deliver daily upgrades which you can access from any device, wherever you have internet.

And across everything we do, the security of your data is a priority - secure encryption, trusted payment providers and rigorous protocols mean your customer and company information is safe with us.
Our dedicated team of engineers works every day to maintain and develop Spektrix in response to the sector’s needs, consulting regularly with users to prioritize, build and test new features and continually improve our offer.

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Facilitated connections

Spektrix builds partnerships with web agencies, software developers and sector experts to help you connect with your audiences, donors and stakeholders.

Our connections with industry experts mean our fingers stay on the pulse of the cultural sector; we support web developers to create powerful, intuitive, beautiful online experiences; and our free, open-access API gives you the opportunity to integrate software solutions to meet all of your unique needs.

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