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A Spektrix Conference 2019 Review - Soho Theatre

There was an instant sense of welcome at the Spektrix Conference this year. The opening keynotes set a positive tone and even though there were so many delegates you felt part of very warm community. 

I attended most of the fundraising sessions. It was great to see so many of these on the schedule and it was clear that Spektrix had listened to the fundraising delegates from last year’s conference. The discussion on the Ethics of Fundraising was particularly important as I think it provided one of the rare occasions that many fundraisers (from various sizes of organisation) could share their thoughts on this important issue. My takeaway from this is that we need to come together more on this issue and show solidarity. 

On the more practical side, attending the conference always highlights to me more ways we can identify donors and improve our supporter journey. I will be doing even more analysis on the age of our donors, how our Support Us page is being used (if at all!) and looking to reinvigorate our ‘name a seat’ campaign. It was great to have so many opportunities to chat to new contacts but also to catch up with old colleagues. The drink at the end was very much appreciated to enable this to happen even more!

Overall, I feel it was a very successful day. My only criticism is of myself really as I should have attended more of the sessions from the other strands, but now that all the materials from the day have been circulated, I don’t feel as though I missed out. Many thanks to Spektrix for the time and effort that obviously went into making this day work as it did. I would definitely recommend the conference and would like more of my colleagues from different departments to attend. 

Mel Geelan,
Development Manager, 
Soho Theatre