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A Spektrix Conference 2019 Review - The Lighthouse, Poole

My day at the Spektrix conference actually started the day before as I headed up to Spektrix HQ for a look around their office and a chance to meet with other users from across the sector. It was quite a fascinating insight into the way that the company works and really useful to see how different projects are planned and managed across departments in a method that everyone clearly engages with. 

Of course, the opportunity to network with people from other organisations is one of the main benefits of the conference, so this was a great opportunity – as was the drinks afterwards at the Soho Theatre. 

The actual conference itself was also a chance to get to know how others are working and share ideas based on the content that was being discussed in the sessions. The opening keynotes gave us some fascinating insights into how different leaders are having an impact on their organisations, and gave us all some great ideas to chat about and take back to our own organisations.

I booked onto the fundraising strand of breakout sessions, and through these we had some really interesting conversations about how we as a sector can develop the next generation of donors, come together to creative a supportive network when it comes to issues surrounding ethics in fundraising, and how effective our ‘support us’ web pages are. One of the main things that came out of all of this was a sense of community and a need for us all to work together to ensure a successful future for cultural giving.

Despite the success of these sessions, my one regret was that I hadn’t taken advantage of the wide range of topics on offer. When I booked the sessions I was stuck in the mindset that as a fundraiser I must go to all of the fundraising sessions. I think that next year, I’ll try to go to a wider range of breakouts along the other strands as it was a great opportunity to learn from colleagues with a different perspective on the challenges facing our sector.

Overall, it was a great day, a good opportunity to catch up with old colleagues from various past jobs, and a chance to meet some new people to work with and learn from. If you’re thinking of coming to the next Spektrix Conference, I’d say go for it. It’s one of those rare opportunities to take a step back from the day to day and think about the bigger picture. And you get a free lunch. 

Tom Shallaker
Fundraising Manager
The Lighthouse, Poole