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How to Get Started with Spektrix Consultative Training Packs

At Spektrix we pride ourselves on our Support team of arts professionals, who combine expert technical wizardry with in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of cultural organisations. Since 2011, we’ve been working towards our mission of helping the arts sector thrive through the effective use of technology, and our Support team believe in this mission passionately. This is why we've always offered a consultative and strategic focus to supporting arts organisations – yes we can help you overcome everyday setbacks like fixing a ticket printer or a stuck transaction, but our client support often goes much further than that.

As we continue to work on unique consultative projects with the arts organisations we partner with, we’ve also developed a new range of training packs that you can access to start you on the journey towards working on bigger consultative projects. These training packs will help you and your teams work on everything from online accessibility to boosting secondary spend, and these projects can be adapted to your organisation’s needs. Working on a consultative pack will also encourage you and your teams to learn advanced functionality in Spektrix that can be used by all departments to help achieve your organisational aims. As ever, all our support materials, specialist training and strategic projects come at no extra cost to Spektrix users, and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. 

Consultative training packs

If you’ve submitted a training request form in the last few months, hopefully you’ll have noticed that you can now request consultative training directly from the Spektrix Support centre. Spektrix’s consultative training packs are designed to get you working on a strategic project, talking across departments, working together as effectively as possible towards a shared goal: be that deepening customer engagement, converting more ticketbuyers into donors, or increasing average basket size. Unlike system training packs, which cover how to use specific parts of the system, the focus with consultative packs is on planning and implementing longer-term ideas, while using advanced tools in Spektrix to support processes and project delivery.

You can access the consultative training packs using the request forms on the Support Centre. Once you've submitted a request, you'll be assigned a dedicated Support and Training Consultant to work with throughout the project. The training packs cover topics designed to help you drive resilience and build audiences, and as each pack is its own entity, you can embark on a project that aligns most closely to your organisation's current goals. 

The timescales for completing a Consultative Training Pack vary, but generally they will all involve an initial planning call where you and your assigned Support and Training Consultant agree on the scope of work and time commitment involved – this could be days, weeks, or months depending on the project. Then your dedicated Support & Training Consultant will come and visit you to work with the key project stakeholders and get you up and running.

Our current list of Consultative Training Packs are :

Asking for donations

Empower your Sales team to ask for point of sale donations, whether they’re interacting with customers at the box office or over the phone. Arts organisations who run this pack often see their conversion rates increase via these sales channels, and staff become more confident when communicating their organisation’s mission to different patrons.

Email automation

Marketers and fundraisers love the segmentation tools in Spektrix, but did you know that you can use scheduled customer lists to automate customer communications? Your teams will save time, increase customer engagement, and learn new dotmailer functionality that will create time-saving efficiencies.

Increasing secondary spend online

Strike while the iron is hot and offer customers added extras when they’re already booking their tickets on your website. If you want to know how you can help increase basket size online, this is the pack for you.

Upselling and cross-selling in the box office

So you’ve got your secondary items set up online...what’s next? Work with your Sales and Front of House teams to consider how they can help create and identify opportunities to boost secondary spend for a healthy bottom line.

Running a ticket lottery or ballot scheme

If you have a high-demand event on the horizon and want to make ticket allocation as fair as possible for your customers (and as stress-free for your Sales team!), you might want to consider running a ticket lottery scheme.  Your Spektrix Support and Training Consultant will work with you to devise a ticket ballot and communicate this with your audiences in advance of the onsale. 

Reviewing your membership scheme

This pack will help you analyse how your membership scheme is currently performing against KPIs. We’ll then help you improve your scheme against one or more KPIs, testing and refining as we go along, so you can build loyalty, reduce lapsed memberships, and automate processes where possible.

Improving accessibility

We’ll work with you to improve your online access offering so that all your customers have a fantastic booking experience. From setting up carer tickets to offering wheelchair accessible seats online, make sure your customers have a positive and tailored experience that takes into account their access needs.

Using offers strategically

Could your offers strategy be reframed to improve customer spending habits? Our offers audit will review how your offers strategy is performing, why and to whom you’re offering discounts, and evaluate whether there are opportunities for you to develop offers which maximise revenue. 

Next steps

As a Spektrix client you have access to all of the great support offered by the Spektrix Support team, all for no additional cost. If you’re interested in one of these packs, get in touch with the Spektrix Support team to discuss your ideas. No matter your size