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Spektrix Consultative Training Packs: Email Automation

When it comes to marketing strategies, we’re firm believers in the power of personalisation and data-driven customisation to build long-lasting customer relationships. That’s why when there’s an opportunity out there for arts organisations to do it all in one swift move, we tend to shout about it.

Our Email Automation Consultative Training Pack aims to help your arts organisation make the most of sophisticated marketing tools to create high-performing emails. It might be that you’re a Marketing team that spends hours each week manually crafting Pre- and Post-show emails, or a Sales team wanting to encourage your audiences to purchase their next ticket. Potentially you work in Development and might not spot when customers donate online as they weren’t previously known to you, or maybe you don’t have the resources to tackle a heavy membership churn. Perhaps you want website visitors to make the move from signing up to your newsletter to buying a ticket, and you’re thinking about ways to speed up that process. If any of the above sounds relatable, email automation could help you!

Getting started with email automation

We know doing the above is often easier said than done, which is why we have crafted a Consultative Training Pack to start you sending targeted communications, to the right customers at the right time. This training pack is ideal for arts organisations with teams that are already comfortable sending emails using the Spektrix and dotdigital integration, and have a general understanding of segmentation and Customer Lists in Spektrix. If you have that existing knowledge, then this Consultative Pack will help you take the next step and move towards automating a range of communications for different customer touchpoints.

If you’re already using Customer List Schedules and Pre- and Post-show emails, and want to explore using features such as dotdigital Programs, then a) congratulations on being email whizzes already and b) please get in touch with the Spektrix Support team. You can give us a call, or use our Training Request Form to let us know dates, locations and any other information in one fell swoop. Once you’ve got in touch, we’ll book in a call to go over the specifics of the project and get a better understanding of what you want to achieve and how we can support you. We want to hear from you on what you want to achieve from the project, what kind of automated emails you think you’ll be able to set up, and what return and targets you’ll be roughly hoping for.

What to expect

As the Consultative Training Packs are more than just one-off sessions, we’ll establish when you’ll want to run the project - we suggest around 10 weeks to really see the benefits of an Email Automation Consultative Training project. Once that’s done, we’ll pick a date to deliver a half-day workshop and presentation to your team, and get some rough dates in for follow up calls to see how you’re progressing against your initial targets.

The presentation itself is packed full of example email campaigns and customer lists from across the Spektrix Community to inspire and provoke discussion. Together we ’ll go through examples of Customer List Schedules that some venues use to power automated emails, and also run through some ideas on how your organisation could use Dynamic Content and refine your Pre- and Post-Show emails too.

Here’s an example of an automated email from Town Hall Symphony Hall, thanking customers for making a donation the previous day.

We’ll work with you and go through some of your current stats, looking at key figures such as the amount of customers on your system who haven’t booked tickets, your average email open rates, and your customer retention rate. This will help guide your priorities when setting up these automated campaigns and help you set goals. We’ll also cover ways to effectively keep track and report on your new emails, and how you can ensure there are no hiccups with your other marketing campaigns.

How Northern Stage are using email automation

Northern Stage in Newcastle used the Spektrix Consultative Training Email Automation pack to reduce churn and create efficiencies when managing their membership renewal process. Working with Spektrix, Northern Stage created an automated membership reminder email that goes out 14 days before the membership expires to encourage customers to renew their memberships, and a thank you email is generated the following day to thank them for doing so. They have seen 288 membership renewals since they started this campaign in May 2018, and the pack has been key to helping them manage this process in a ‘consistent and timely’ way, according to Jo Blackett, Sales Manager at Northern Stage. 

So you want to start using Email Automation?

Taking the leap to work with us on one of these packs will challenge and inspire your teams to produce highly engaging content and use data to build a relationship with your customers that reflects their stage on the customer journey with your organisation. As we’re firm believers in “Test, Measue, Refine, Repeat”, perfecting your email strategy is never well and truly over, but with goals, ambition and the right tools at your disposal, we can work with you to get there.