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3 Time Saving Recipes from Spektrix

Looking for some quick time-saving recipes to save your team a few hours a week? Spektrix can help.

We understand that when working in an arts organisation you’re often put under pressure to deliver vital time-sensitive tasks. These are usually regular and important duties that can be pretty time consuming, but still need to be turned around quickly.

So how can you increase your efficiency? We’ve taken some inspiration from Delia Smith, and come up with three time saving recipes that make the most of the tools in Spektrix. These are treasured recipes from our own well-thumbed recipe book, perfect for beginners or advanced cooks (read: Spektrix users) alike.

Scheduling Reports

Visiting companies, promoters, artistic directors, marketeers, box office managers, development directors, bar managers – everyone needs and wants to know the very latest information on how tickets are selling as well as gain insights into customer behaviour. Reports are an excellent way to show this information on a few pages of A4, but the preparation and dissemination of these can be repetitive and time consuming.

Difficulty: super easy

Set-up time: 5 minutes (or less) to set up a scheduled report – and then no time at all!


  • 1x Spektrix report scheduling tool
  • Unlimited reports


Use our scheduled reporting functionality and save hours of time. Automate your regular reporting tasks and have them emailed to anyone who needs them, exactly when they need them. Don’t hang around after the show has gone up to send the latest sales report – define the right criteria for the report, how regularly it needs to be sent. and who needs to be kept informed. Job done!


You might want to think about setting up monthly customer behaviour reports to spot trends, a weekly donations report to see if you might want to increase that suggested donation value and a custom occupancy report (check with Support for this one) to monitor when your VIPs or major donors are attending so your artistic director can meet them in the bar before the show!

Pre- and post-show emails

Sending your audiences an email in advance of their visit is a great way to improve customer service, as well as an opportunity to encourage your audience to buy some additional items. Here’s a better way of automating it.

Difficulty: easy, or as complex as you like!

Set-up time: 15 minutes for a simple email


  • 2 or more versions of your email
  • Some happy audience members who like to hear from you
  • Link to a post-show survey
  • Any number of limited offers (optional)


With the pre- and post-show email function you can set these up to send out exactly when needed. With our powerful waive criteria you can alter your tone of voice for different customer groups too. For example, you might want to send one post-show email to your members and a different one to your regular attenders who aren’t members. For your members, your email could thank them for coming, and suggest some more shows you have coming up. Then for your non-members, their post-show email could let them know how much they’d have saved on these tickets if they were members and encourage them to join.

This means you no longer have to extract your customers and then remember to BCC them into a clumsy group email. With our Dotmailer integration you can also match your emails to your brand and keep an eye on their level of engagement once the email lands in their inboxes.

Gift Aid integration

Donations are a fantastic way of generating additional funds for your organisation. Not only are they VAT exempt but they are also eligible for Gift Aid which means they can be worth almost 50% more than booking fees. Arts organisations have been really good at making the most of donations and Gift Aid, but the process for logging declarations has previously been a bit clumsy and the process of completing the Gift Aid return can take days – both of these pain points can result in lost claims. Here’s how to make the whole process much quicker.

Difficulty: easier than easy

Set-up time: 5 minutes or less


  • Plenty of Gift Aid-able donations
  • A comfortable seat (for sitting back and watching the donations roll in)


Thankfully the days of manually logging declarations and completing claims are over. With our Gift Aid functionality the declarations are all built in to Spektrix and all customers donating online or at the box office will be asked to make a Gift Aid declaration when they make a donation for the first time. This declaration can then easily be altered both online and at the box office if the customer’s circumstances change. All of this information is then written back to their customer record and is then used alongside the transactional information on donations to compile the Gift Aid claim.

Do you use Spektrix every day? Want some more time-saving tips? Leave a comment below, or get in touch with our Support team on