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A Countdown through the Spektrix Year

What a year. As well as adding a whole new Fundraising interface to Spektrix, we held the first Spektrix Conference, held SpektrixSocials at Wilton's Music Hall and our new office, welcomed our first North American theatre to the Spektrix community, and introduced the world to the Spektrix superhero. Phew! But before we slow down for a break and start dreaming about mince pies, here's a countdown of the Spektrix year...  

2.9 million web requests of the Spektrix system per day.

630,000 customer records transferred to Spektrix in one weekend - our biggest migration yet!

1000 support tickets every month, on average over the year.

99.99% average uptime.

97 mentions of the "arts" on our Twitter feed.

44 blog posts by Spektrix on arts marketing, technology, ticketing and everything in between.

30 new arts organisations went live with Spektrix around the UK.

25 pizzas consumed at Beer and Pizza nights.

12 new members added to the Spektrix crew.

6 major new releases (with a whole lot of smaller ones in between).

2 broken coffee machines (boooo).

1 new office.

oh, and countless trips to the pub!

Thank you to all our amazing Spektrix users and the many brilliant people we have worked with throughout the year. We hope like us you've had a year full of milestones and wish you a restful Christmas - see you on the other side of 2014!