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Becoming an Agent: Setting up a Ticket Agency from Your Box Office

Many organizations are managing an almost-colossal amount of events, performances and workshops on a daily basis - and managing it really effectively too. So it's not surprising that more and more organizations are using their existing assets, like their box office operation, to bring in extra revenue.

There's a lot of potential for additional revenue, but it's also a great opportunity to affirm the vital role your organization plays in the local community. We’ve worked with quite a few organizations advising them on how to set up their box office to make the most of these opportunities so this whitepaper is going to show you the business case for getting the most out of your existing box office operation and how you can generate new revenue for ticketed venues as well as helping to secure your position as a vital part of the local community.

Download our whitepaper Becoming an Agent: Setting up a ticket agency from your box office to find out more.