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Behind the New

If you’ve visited before, you’ve probably noticed that our website looks a whole lot different. If you haven’t, welcome! We hope you like it here.

Noticed anything different?

We last redesigned our website 2012. Back then, Spektrix was in a very different position and cloud computing was new to the arts sector. Not to mention there were quite a few things we thought we could do better. We didn’t just want to improve our website, we wanted something to see us through the next part of Spektrix’s future as much as possible. Basically, we want to start treating our website a bit more like we treat our software – never treating it as ‘finished’ and instead constantly updating and improving it. We decided on 3 goals.

  1. We wanted the website to be focused on its core purpose: to inform, educate and connect.
  2. It had to facilitate sharing ideas and starting discussions with the arts and tech sectors.
  3. It had to tell our story. Because half of Spektrix is software and the other half is people, we really needed our new website to reflect our principles, show how we work and who we are so that when people come to our website, they can decide if we’re the right cultural fit for their organisation.

That’s quite a big job for any website. The first thing our marketing team did was team up with Buffalo – Buffalo had done great work for our clients and we knew that they understood our mission and had the skills and ambition to deliver something awesome. As you click around the new website, we hope you’ll agree that we weren’t wrong. Here, we’ll explain what’s new and go into some of the thinking behind some of the choices we made:

We’ve evolved our visual identity

The Spektrix website has evolved visually in lots of ways and this is part of a much bigger branding change that we’re currently going through. Things are decidedly less green, there’s more space to think and perhaps slightly controversially, we’ve officially put the dude into retirement. Unfortunately, he simply didn’t reflect our audience or our company anymore so now he’s living it up on a retirement cloud.

We’ve rethought navigation to put the user first

We’ve made lots of seemingly minor changes that we hope adds up to a much easier and smoother experience for our visitors: things like making navigation sticky so you don’t have to scroll back up, making it completely responsive on any device and getting rid of the turnstiles to access our whitepapers. We’ve also really thought about who our visitors are and what they’re there to do and have designed each page especially to meet the journey of our website visitors. We’ve also got an FAQs page to answer all the nagging questions, a pricing calculator to save you time and have added plenty of contact buttons so that we’re never more than a few clicks away.

We’ve opened up

We’re a company that values transparency in everything we do - from our dealings with our clients, to the way we communicate across the company at Spektrix HQ. It makes sense to follow transparency through to our website so we’ve made a few scary choices to bare all:

We’ve increased the amount of statistics on our performance that you can see. So in addition to seeing our support satisfaction rating and average uptime, you can also see how long it’s taking us to resolve our support tickets.

We’ve redesigned our pricing page

At the time of designing our last website, people were really unfamiliar with SaaS and we didn’t want to rock the boat too much. Here in 2014, people are much more used to paying for services like Spotify, Dropbox and Netflix. We also personally get super frustrated when you have to go through a sales team to find out how much something is and we didn’t want to put any one else through the same irritation. Now you can see all of our pricing plans and use our pricing calculator to see which one’s best for you.

We’ve provided more ways to get to know the team

On our homepage, we introduce ourselves in exactly the same way you’d introduce yourself to someone in real life. We have a whole lot more videos to tell the Spektrix story and that of the organisations we work with and photos of the office too. We’ve also jazzed up our timeline so you can quite literally scroll through the entire history of the company if you want.

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