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Building a Mission-Critical Box Office System

Chris Marr is an alumnus of Spektrix.

Box office systems are a mission-critical software solution for arts organisations. But how do they work..? Michael Nabarro explains all.

Are you interested to know how we built our system here at Spektrix? Perhaps you want to know how to build your own ticketing system from the ground up? This whitepaper takes a look at how we built Spektrix, laying the foundations for the mission-critical box office system of choice for arts organisations around the world.

What do you need to bear in mind when choosing a data centre for your servers? What back-up servers, power supplies and other contingencies do you need in place? We explain how to create a secure and reliable box office system, drawing on our experience of having built a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that’s delivered over the internet.

Want to know more? Download our whitepaper Building a Mission-Critical Box Office System to find out how we built Spektrix.

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