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Encouraging Reattendance Part 1: Turning First-Timers into Reattenders

Encouraging your first-timer customers to become reattenders could be easier than you think.

Pareto’s principle is the rule that the majority of your revenue comes from a very small group of people. Our Aggregate Data Report confirmed exactly that: across our user base, almost half of ticket revenue is generated by customers who attend 2 or more times in a year. Add to this the well-known fact that engaging customers already known to you comes at a lower cost than attracting new customers, and that make encouraging reattendance in first-time visitors really important.

It might sound easier said than done, but Spektrix has a mixture of features that used together, can be used to put an effective reattendance strategy for first-timers into practice. Here’s how we recommend using them to best effect. But first...

Start by benchmarking your reattendance performance against the average

In Spektrix, you can do this with the Reattendance Analysis report in the marketing interface to find out what proportion of your customers are attending more than once. Then take a look at the Aggregate Data Report to compare your result not just with the overall UK average, but with the average for your type of organisation.

This should give you an idea of how your organisation is performing, whether there is more you can be doing and serve as a starting point for tracking the success of your drive to encourage re-attendance. Once you’ve done this, here are two strategies for increasing reattendance you can power through a combination of features in Spektrix.

1. Tailor content with targeted emails

After 6 months, it becomes more difficult to get first-timers back but don’t bombard them with marketing about your entire programme. Instead, do this:

  • Welcome them before their first visit. Use auto-tags to find one-time visitors who have booked with you. Do this using Customer Lists and identify them using a booking segment. Then develop a welcoming pre-show email that includes advice on getting to the venue. Keep it short and friendly. You could consider a post-show email to get their feedback after visiting. Read our tips for creating good pre and post-show emails.
  • Tailor the content based on data insights. Build a Customer List for your first time attendees and run them through the Customer Behaviour Analysis Report. This will give us a little insight into the types of shows they are attending, the period in advance that they book and the sales channel, all of which can inform the content for their campaign.

  • Test and learn. To give you the best chance of good return on investment, split-test multiple versions of your emails.

2. Provide low-cost incentives.

Discounting heavily to get first-timers back a second time can create an expectation that this will continue and reduces the potential of the relationship. Why not give this a go instead:

  • Create a value-added offer. Create a package offer in Spektrix, perhaps on an upsell of a programme which is restricted to tagged customers or customers with a promo code. Make sure the up-sell offer is enabled for your website and promote it in your post-show email with a clear call-to-action.

  • Prompt them at the box office. For first-timers booking over the phone or at the box office, use Customer Groups to flag them up to your team, prompting them to welcome the customer back and tell them about the offer.

Tailored communications and a few value-added incentives are the key to capitalising on the hard work you’ve done getting your first-timers though the door in the first place. In part two, we’ll dig into the tools available in Spektrix to encourage these re-attenders to become regular bookers.