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Everyone's a Fundraiser

Fundraising is mission-critical for arts organisations today. This whitepaper explores how to put fundraising at the very heart of your organisation.

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In a climate of funding cuts and council-run organisations being spun-off into trusts, many not-for-profit arts organisations are feeling the pinch and formulating strategies to plug gaps in revenue and raise money for capital projects with fundraising activities.

But it's not enough to just plug the gaps. In this climate, fundraising is mission-critical so it's more important than ever for arts organisations to supplement their income through fundraising. As a result, fundraising needs to become core to the activities of not-for-profit arts organisations and fundraising teams need to work more closely with teams across all departments. This is vital to the success of marketing and sales too. No other department can communicate the vitality of the organisation's work to the community and install a sense of shared purpose in every department.

So what needs to happen? Every organisation is different, but one thing we think you should always be doing is continually questioning your approach to raising funds and asking whether this needs a rethink. In this whitepaper, we help you get the ball rolling in five steps.

Download our whitepaper Everyone's a Fundraiser and put fundraising at the heart of your organisation.