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Fundraising Breakout Sessions at The Spektrix Conference 2015

Laura Greenfield at the Spektrix Conference 2015

The Spektrix Conference last month included two fundraising breakout sessions where experts gave some great tips to a room full of fundraisers. If you missed them or want to relive the best bits, check out these summaries and video.

Building Relationships that Inspire Major Giving - Laura Greenfield

Laura Greenfield came to us from the Cambridge University Library, where she is Associate Director of Fundraising. She stressed the importance of authentic relationships with potential supporters to having real success with major donor fundraising. Have a listen to the audio for Laura’s session alongside her presentation.



Making Your Case - Eibhlin Morley

Eibhlin's Morley's breakout session at the Spektrix Conference 2015

From crafting your case for funding to delivering it with confidence, Eibhlin’s breakout session gave everyone a lot to take back to their organizations and think about. As the Assistant VP at CCS Fundraising, Eibhlin has worked extensively as a consultant with arts organizations and others to ensure they are going about fundraising in the best way possible.

Here are five key tips from Eibhlin’s breakout session on what to do with your case for support:

  1. Make it a written explanation. It should show your organization’s widest aims and “reason for being”.
  2. Convey what’s unique about your organization. “We do some theatre projects which are dead inspiring" is a case for support for the arts, not for your organization.
  3. Write it down! Even if no one actually looks at the bit of paper more than once, make sure it is written down in one document and disseminated across the organization.
  4. Share your case for support with every single person in your organization. It isn't just a document for fundraisers or senior staff.
  5. Inform your customer-facing staff. Make sure your customer-facing or front-of-house staff know exactly who to direct a customer to if they ask about the charity or making a donation (above and beyond the usual ticket path gift).