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Get Ready for Data Sharing

We think it’s important to talk about gathering your customers’ preferences for not just sharing their data with you, but also the companies that you work with - visiting companies, resident producers and so on. Recently, we’ve been putting together tools that we think will provide a great way of gathering your customers’ preferences whether you work with other companies or not.

Your data sharing checklist

We’ve done a lot of thinking about this issue, and have found a few key areas that need to be addressed when thinking about data sharing.

  • Finding flexible ways to phrase your questions when asking customers about their data sharing preferences.
  • Gather information about your customers’ preferences to sharing data with individual companies as well as their standard preferences. Letting your customers choose who their details are shared with outside your organization as well as within it, is crucial.
  • Give your customers different options of how they can choose their preferences. Although historically, customers’ preferences have been captured when they create an account, it’s not necessarily the best or only way. Letting customers set their preferences during the ticket-buying process is really important, as is letting them go back and make changes if they want.

How can Spektrix help?

We’re about to release our new Data Sharing features, which address those important points and give our clients extra flexibility around collecting their customers’ contact preferences.

Partner Companies

We’ve created the brand new concept of Partner Companies, so you can set up all or some of the companies you work with, attach them to events, and let your customers choose their preferences for each company as well as their standard contact preferences.

Crucially we’re adding in the ability to ask your customers for these Partner Company preferences during the ticket-buying process. If a cart contains tickets for an event that’s being put on in conjunction with one of these companies, and if the customer hasn’t already been asked for their preferences before, they will have the chance to set their preferences before confirming their order.

How and what to ask?

We’re also introducing more flexible ways of creating, naming and organizing the data sharing questions being asked. You can now create contact preferences in groups and arrange each preference in whatever order you’d like, which means that if you wish, you could place your own venue permissions at the top of the list with visiting companies lower down, or vice versa.

Changing Preferences

Lastly, we’re giving customers the ability to log into their account (or have someone in the sales team do it) and amend any of their preferences any time they want.

Don’t just take our word for it though - Tron Theatre are using our beta version, so have a look at their website and see for yourself.

Why are you introducing this and what are the benefits?

Regardless of box office system, the benefits of a clear data sharing policy and process are pretty powerful:

  • You as an organization can make absolutely sure you’re operating within the terms of any relevant data-sharing rules & regulations.
  • Your customers can have the confidence that their data is only going to be used the way they want it to, which means they’re more likely to actually sign up for the things they’re interested in.
  • You can get the best quality data, whether for yourself or your partners, to use for marketing and analytics purposes.

What do I need to do now?

If you’re a Spektrix client, all you need to do is wait a little bit longer. We don’t have a confirmed release date for the new Data Sharing features, but they’re coming very soon in 2017. While you’re waiting, why not start planning for how you want to use these new features with any partners you work with. Any changes you want to make to how you currently gather your customers’ preferences could potentially have an impact in the future, so why not use this time to make sure you’ve thought everything through and figured out the best possible way to set this up?

If you’re not a Spektrix client, it’s still worth taking a moment to think about how you collect your customers’ contact preferences, and how you then use them. If you’re interested in knowing more about how Spektrix can help, feel free to drop us a line to have a chat!