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How to Choose a Ticketing System

Chris Marr is an alumnus of Spektrix.

How can you make sure the ticketing system you choose is the right fit for your organisation?

Choosing a new ticketing system is one of the more stressful and difficult projects faced by arts organisations. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we got into this ticketing business in the first place.

We’ve written this guide because we believe it doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult. This guide takes you through the whole process, from evaluating your old system to measuring the success of the new one, and includes the right questions to ask, as well as tips on information you should prepare. We’ve also included a handy ‘no-stress’ checklist at the back, just to keep things super simple.

At the end of it you should end up with a ticketing system that meets the needs and ambitions of your arts organisation, and come through it all with fewer grey hairs.

Download our whitepaper How to Choose a Ticketing System written by Ben Park, Head of Business Development at Spektrix.