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How to Target Your Fundraising

You’ve got your head around asking for donations, you’ve got your donations page live on your website, and you know the benefits of getting your customers involved with fundraising. So what should you do now?

Why don’t you think about who you’re asking, and when? Are you asking the right questions to the right people? For example, should you be asking everyone for a donation every time they buy tickets? What if they’ve just donated the day before? Or what about if you’re running a campaign for something specific, as opposed to your general everyone going to be interested? Maybe you’ll have better luck targeting a smaller number of people who you know the campaign will be relevant to.

Asking yourself these questions can be useful to make sure you’re getting the most out of your asks, whether in the box office or online. Once you’ve decided which customers you want to ask about which campaigns, Spektrix can help by letting you apply certain criteria to each Fund, meaning that it’ll only offer a donation prompt for the customers you’ve specified.

Here are some suggestions for how to do this.

Talk to people who you know are already interested

If you’ve got a campaign running that’s going to appeal to people who have been to a specific type of show, try segmenting those customers by looking at their previous buying history, and then using that data as the criteria on your Fund. Instead of asking everybody to donate, focus on just those customers, as you know that they’ve already expressed an interest in that area of your work.

For example, you might have an education-based campaign running. Look for customers who have previously booked for family shows, as there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to be engaged with the cause.


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Don’t pester people

Sure, sometimes it’s fine to ask everybody for a donation, but that’s not always going to be the case. If someone has donated recently, it might come across as a bit greedy if you ask them again immediately. It also might give the impression that you’re not recognizing their previous donation, and you definitely don’t want that. Instead, how about excluding everyone who’s donated in the past month?

You can set up an auto tag in Spektrix which automatically applies to the customer record of anyone who’s donated in the last month, and then exclude anyone with that tag from the Fund. Using the relative date range criteria option in Spektrix, this tag will update, so after a month has gone by those people will start being included again.

Capitalize on your members

If you run a subscription or membership program, you’ve already got a list of customers who have shown a willingness to donate to you. These subscribers and members are a great pool of individuals who already have an affinity for the work you do, so to target them you can set up a specific Fund that tailors the ask directly to these people. If you want to be extra selective, you can even narrow it down to subscribers or members who have been with the organization for a certain number of years.

If you’re going to do this, think about the wording you use. Try to recognize the fact that these patrons have already supported you. Something like “if you can increase your support, we’d be so grateful” works well. In this example, you might not want to set a suggested amount so that you don’t come across as too forceful, and don’t forget to thank them for their existing support at the same time as you make the ask.

How does it actually work?

Honestly, it’s easier than you think. You just need to use all the existing CRM tools that you’re used to using in Spektrix - tags and auto tags, customer lists, memberships etc. - and then choose the criteria you want when you’re setting up each Fund. You can use this in two ways - to include specific customers, or to exclude certain customers. Excluding people might sound a little counterintuitive, but it can sometimes be the best option, as in the previous examples.


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It also applies when you’re thinking about asking for donations online or in the box office, as the criteria you choose affect both the online Donations page and the Prepayment Panel in the Sales Interface. If you’re an existing Spektrix user, you can find out more about this by reading our Support article about Donations and Funds.


Those are only a few suggestions for how you can target your fundraising but the sky’s the limit. Let us know if you’ve come up with any cool solutions!


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