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Meet the North American Support Team

Our Support team in North America is housed in the middle of NYC surrounded by Spektrix grass and the occasional dog. Get to know a little more about three of our Support team (three of the best IMO), Nell, Josh and Rachel.

How long have you been at Spektrix?

Nell: Since September 2016 so about 9 months.

Josh: I’ve been here about ten weeks.

Rachel: June 2016, what a great year!

What were you doing before you joined Spektrix?

Nell: Prior to joining Spektrix, I was the Associate Producer at Queen of the Night, where I spent a lot of time with dancers and circus performers in a ballroom beneath the streets of Times Square.

Josh: I’ve worked in ticketing at a few different New York theaters. Most recently, I was the assistant box office treasurer at the Westside Theatre, and before that I did front of house and box office work at Ars Nova. I also spent a couple years selling tickets to Broadway shows at Telecharge.

Rachel: Pre-Spektrix, I was working with Spoleto Festival USA’s Development department. I worked with the Individual Gifts Manager and Planned Gifts Director to get more use out of their CRM software. Before that, I saw blue doing Marketing and Sales Analysis at Blue Man Group International.

What’s a typical week like for you?

Nell: If I’m not traveling to meet or train a client, I’m usually answering Spektrix questions, collaborating with other teammates on especially interesting challenges and keeping the US Support team running smoothly.

Josh: Build a report or five, answer some phone calls, train people in how to use parts of the system, poke around a website to see how a client can best integrate a Spektrix feature - we’ve got plenty on our plate here! The variety of things we do for our clients is really exciting for me.

Rachel: Every week is a bit different depending on what clients are asking. From assisting in creating the perfect dotMailer integrated email campaign to building insightful development reports, each week brings something new.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Nell: Meeting and speaking with our clients is the best part! It’s fun to see how different organizations are run.

Josh: Maybe it’s just because spending a lot of time on the phones comes with the territory when you’re working box office, but I love taking calls and helping people truly understand solutions to the problems they’re facing.

Rachel: Jumping deep into client’s data. I’m a data geek at heart, from sculpting reports to working on year over year analysis. Working with clients on how to get those numbers and what to do with them; that’s my jam.

What advice would you give your younger self, beginning a career in the arts or deciding what path to follow in your education?

Nell: Try everything and don’t worry too much about the choices you make when starting out.

Josh: Stop thinking about doing the thing and just do it. You’ve got plenty of room to fail as long as you’re willing to learn the right lessons along the way.

Rachel: Jump all in and ask every question.

What tech tools do you use that you couldn’t live without?

Nell: My Google Calendar.

Josh: I’m addicted to my Twitter timeline. It’s a real problem.

Rachel: Slack.

What challenges do you see for the arts industry?

Nell: Staying relevant and fresh by responding to changing tastes and over-saturation, diversity in programming and potential loss of funding.

Josh: Keeping audiences loyal as the next generation ages up is going to be a massive challenge. As we’re competing against such a wide spread of entertainment options available on demand, we have to commit ourselves to consistent excellence in both what we program and how we market it. Fortunately, with the right tools and a focus on cultivating and analyzing data, we can stay ahead of that curve.

Rachel: In a world of changing technologies, entertainment options, and pricing structures, one challenge is cultivating and engaging new and younger audiences. Arts organizations have needed to change in previous years and will continue to need to change in future years. How we address our changing world and audiences is incredibly important.

Where’s your favorite New York lunch spot?

Nell: El Rey on the Lower East Side, or Num Pang.

Josh: Johny’s on 25th serves an amazing short stack. Same for Hector’s Cafe under the High Line. Paphos Diner in East New York for when I’m on my way out to deepest Brooklyn and Queens.

Rachel: Prince Street Pizza.