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New to Spektrix: Let Customers Book on Behalf of Others

Many arts organizations offer classes and courses for younger members and need a way to manage those bookings more effectively, as well as use it as an opportunity to develop younger audiences.

That’s why we’re very excited to introduce Facilitated Booking to the Spektrix system. This allows one customer to facilitate a booking for another customer, or in the case of young audiences, parents can now book on behalf of their children. But it has lots of other use cases, like caregivers wanting to book for their charge or PAs wanting to book for a board member.

We’re hoping this will make a big difference to your organization. Not only does it take some administrative pain away from your box office, but it also provides you with a much better idea of who is actually attending your events. That means the ability to engage with them directly and build a more accurate picture of how they’re interacting with your organization, ultimately building a stronger relationship with them.

How it looks

Facilitated Booking is available on every sales channel and for every type of item you might sell through the system including donations, memberships and events.

Here’s an order being made by the box office with a facilitator added in the basket.

Online customers can also easily select the person they’re making the booking for (or what we call the owner). Here’s how it looks online.  

In addition

  • You can send order confirmation emails to the owner of the order not just the facilitator, helping you build direct relationships with the person attending the event or benefiting from the membership.
  • We’ve introduced some new metrics into some of the available report types, and also made some tweaks to some of the segment types available in Customer Lists so that you can accurately report on orders made with Facilitated Booking.
  • We’re also working on two brand new standard reports that will help you report on orders made using Facilitated Booking. 

You can get started with Facilitated Booking now. Read how to get it set up on our Support Center.