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Supporting our community during Covid-19

We are all experiencing the world, and with it the arts industry, continuing to change on what feels like a daily basis. Information about this is all around us, to the point of becoming overwhelming. We know how you as professionals in the arts community have been responding to urgent priorities: Managing event cancellations, helping patrons stay connected to your organizations and maintaining your donor relationships through stewardship. You’ve been challenged to adapt every area of your business to uncertain times, all the while balancing work, family, and even just personal safety and wellness.

Recognizing all that you are dealing with, we at Spektrix have been adapting much of our work to help our users through that uncertainty. So I wanted to summarize the resources we’ve made available in one place. 

Supporting the arts community: What we’ve done so far

Our system

While our users rushed to cancel events and start refunding tickets, we created the Ticket Converter Tool to make it a bit easier on them and organizations across the industry. The tool has been live for eight weeks now, and the majority of patrons using it are consistently opting to let the organization keep all or part of their ticket value. This generosity has helped arts organizations hold on to 60% of that revenue in an overwhelming show of support for the industry.

We continue to focus our feature development on delivering value in the current climate that will also position users for recovery. Now in its final phase of release, our Credit Card Benefits feature will help you proactively secure revenue from pre-sales or premium seating that can only be unlocked by specific payment criteria, e.g. American Express or Visa. Organizations have the potential to secure additional revenue directly from credit card providers for participating in these programs.

We’ve also made it possible for patrons to view their credit balance as soon as they log into their account online, gaining easier access to information that holds new importance following our industry’s mass event cancellations. We will continue to expand development in this area to enable patrons to easily transact with these credits whether toward purchases at your organization, philanthropy, or a mix of both.

Our support

While we all shift our ways of working, we are adding support to help people who are using the system in new ways. We created the Spektrix Action Toolkit to provide shortcuts for leveraging our tools for everything from event setup to loyalty programs and maintaining income. 

To support fundraisers as they tackle new challenges, we’re holding two webinars this week on building your fundraising momentum. These are aimed at helping people in fundraising roles optimize their CRM resources to help them through this time. You can book now for a choice of times on May 19 and May 20

We know our users always have unique needs which are even more nuanced right now. Our entire Client Success Team continues to work regular hours and are ready to work with you on a variety of training, reports, seating plans or strategy and consultation. As always, all training and support resources remain an inclusive part of your relationship with Spektrix.

Our communications

We’re excited to share all of our recent developments with you, but we’re also aware that there may be limited capacity to digest what’s going on right now. We’re consolidating our updates and industry resources into our monthly newsletters and encourage you to consider those the go-to place for the latest from Spektrix. If you’re not receiving those and want to, please send us a note at and we can make sure you’re on our list. Between newsletters, we will occasionally be reaching out to our users about large-scale developments. 

Alongside working as your technology partners, we continue to collaborate with our partners across the industry, sharing data and resources to help the whole industry survive and grow. To stay up-to-date with all the tools, platforms and learning opportunities that we and our partners are creating, please see our regularly updated resources blog.

What’s next?

By talking to our users and partners, we’re staying connected to changes and decisions that will affect the cultural industry in the months ahead. We’re currently talking with a wide range of our users about their plans for approaching socially distanced seating. This input will help inform us on how to evaluate the importance of feature development to provide further support in this area as venues look toward reopening. 

Beyond these new developments, we continue to keep on working to support you as best we can. Exactly how our industry will get through this remains unpredictable, but our ability to support each other is as clear as ever. We continue to do so for you, in confidence that when we welcome back audiences, we’ll do so with a resilience unique to our industry. In the meantime, we will continue thinking of everyone in the Spektrix and the wider arts community and remain optimistic for the future.


Mike Geller is Spektrix’s President, North America.