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The Move to Spektrix Rise

The new Spektrix office on Dorset Rise, London

In the beginning, there were two. Just our two founders, using Matt’s apartment as an office while they worked on the dream of Spektrix. Fast forward eight years and three offices later, and we now live in the new Spektrix Rise, our new home in the middle of the City of London.

With new team members starting almost every month and our Spektrix community growing constantly, we knew we needed somewhere bigger and better to live. With quite a few office moves under our belts, we’ve figured out the importance of choosing the right home for your company.

Putting our team’s well-being first

Many companies are beginning to realise the importance of ensuring employee well-being in the workplace. With most people here for eight hours a day or more, and some teams having early morning or late evening shifts, it’s important for our team to be happy with their home away from home. And we believe that the business itself will benefit from healthier and happier employees. We kept these principles in mind when making a choice about our new office home, and decided on the following things to keep our team happy and healthy.

  • A lot of natural light. Being high up with lots of windows around the office really helps to keep people fresh and motivated.

Sofas in Spektrix Rise

  • Lots of space and meeting rooms was hugely important for us to have lots of meetings room available for internal brainstorms, training sessions or just for an individual who needs a quiet space to work on something.

The casual meeting room, Ophelia.

  • Big bright lunch area. We love to encourage our team to eat lunch together when they can, and our new picnic area, complete with grass, fruit, breakfast options and snacks, gives everyone the opportunity to take well earned breaks with their colleagues.

The picnic area in Spektrix Rise.

  • Lots of amenities nearby. Our team is super busy, so we wanted to make sure it was easy for them to pop out and get whatever they need.
  • Good transport links. With our New York and Manchester teams making regular trips to London and our teams travelling the length of the country to visit our clients, having an office with good transport links was crucial.
  • Reflect the company. We wanted to keep theatre and the arts at the heart of the office, so we asked the team to make suggestions for the names of our new meeting rooms, with the theme of Shakespearean characters!

The moving team

As with any large project, there are always a group of people calling the shots and in the case of the move to Spektrix Rise it was Adriana and Olivia leading things, along with other members of the Admin and DevOps teams.

Hugh hard at work.

As you can imagine, moving an office of over fifty people is a daunting challenge, but not for our super team! Adriana said, “We spent a few weeks discussing options for maintenance companies, design ideas and spacing options. It was important to us for the office to reflect the way our team is and likes to work.”

Chris doing Dev Ops things...

Olivia was the lead for the week of the move. “My focus was on coordinating comings and goings for the weekend of the move and making sure everything went as smoothly as possibly. I also wanted to make sure the rest of the team knew what was going on. At one point I ordered the team pizza in an attempt to keep them sweet, as their already restricted shared space became overwhelmed by stacks of crates, computers and boxes!”

The move team worked over the moving weekend to unpack boxes and get things set up for the rest of the team to come in on the Monday.

Our Spektrix office warming

We eventually got round to hosting a small gathering to celebrate the move at the beginning of October.

The Spektrix office warming

The Spektrix office warming

The office warming also marked the final of our Spektrix bake off (congrats to our winner Tina!). So with many biscuits in our bellies and gin in our hearts, we partied til the wee hours of the morning, Spektrix style.

Tina, our Bakeoff winner!

The Spektrix Bakeoff trophy.

Here are our top five fave things about Spektrix Rise:

  1. Our fancy new coffee machine. The joy of freshly ground coffee beans, particularly to a team full of engineers, is like no other. With 42 (!) different choices, we adore our new coffee machine.
  2. The grassy hangout area. It’s bright, spacious and fluffy. And even suitable for dancing, as confirmed during our office warming party.
  3. All the green. Green pillars, green grass, and even a green microwave and toaster. You can’t get away from the Spektrix green!
  4. So much space! Many of us got lost our first few days in the office. It’s big enough for each team to have their own area, while still feeling personal and cosy.
  5. Our lovely receptionist Indre. She’s smart, she’s sassy and she’s super helpful. Make sure you say hi to her if you’re stopping by the office!

Spektrix office warming