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Meet Team Spektrix: David, Account Executive

We spoke to our new account executive David to talk about what bought him to Spektrix, his views on the arts and his top NYC spot for Cheesecake.


David Ciano

At Spektrix since:

July 2015

Originally from:

Bristol, Connecticut. Home of the oldest continuously running amusement park in America and ESPN.

What does your job as Account Executive involve?

I get to work with our clients in a few different ways. On the support side of things I speak with our clients and help them learn more about Spektrix by consulting with them on how to best create, use or extract data in their system. I also have the opportunity to meet new people in the arts who are interested in learning more about what we do at Spektrix. I help these people understand our approach to database management and ultimately determine if Spektrix is the best fit for their organization.

What was your first job in the arts?

I was a Marketing Associate for the Connecticut Repertory Theatre.

What brought you to Spektrix?

There’s a lot of buzz about Spektrix now in the US. We’re disrupting a market that has in some ways really rested on it’s laurels because of a lack of arts focused competition. I caught wind of our operations from a friend in the industry and was really drawn in about how much we care about the future of the arts, as well as how thought out our approach to solving issues or managing data is. Not to mention I’ve never seen anyone roll out features as fast as we do, which was really quite exciting for someone such as myself who was looking to have a hand in shaping the way the arts uses technology!

What do you think is the future of technology in the arts?

Everyone talks about technology’s growing role in the arts but I think the most important change is not how much we will continue to use technology but how much easier and pleasurable it will become. The future isn’t just what we can do with the technology but how accessible it will become across generations of employees. Tasks that once required an experienced coder to complete can now be done with just a few clicks of a button. As time goes on with companies such as Google and Apple paving the way for a simple user experience I can predict that everything from the customer buying process to database administration will become more enjoyable and quicker as well.

What’s the one thing arts organizations can do to generate more income right now?

Long term - strong and consistent branding means an organization doesn’t have to work as hard to make customers come back. For the immediate future I have always been of the mind that customers should be able to purchase experiences they want to have, easily. Want to exchange tickets? Want to have a copy of the script? Want to book earlier? Let customers buy these privileges ad hoc and start watching things add up!

What advice would you give your younger self, beginning a career in the arts?

Never accept that things cannot be changed. If something is inefficient or confusing, speak up! Everyone in the arts is always firing on all cylinders in a million different directions which makes it an exciting environment, but also makes it very possible that a way of doing something may have been inherited by past workflows that may not make sense to the here and now.

What tech tools do you use that you couldn't live without?

This will probably sound really bland but it’s my phone for sure. I am 100% certain that I use my cell phone more than my computer. I have an app for everything, whether it’s reading the news, ordering new clothes, answering Spektrix support tickets, or following the latest trends on Twitter, Facebook and Periscope.

If you weren’t at Spektrix, what else do you think you’d be doing right now?

Most of my interests and experience before now has been in arts marketing and if I wasn’t here I would probably be off working a marketing campaign for a theatre in NYC.

Favorite NYC food spot:

In Astoria, where I live, there is a bakery called Martha’s Country Bakery where you can get a Mississippi Mud Pie Chocolate Cheesecake.I think eating it is the absolute closest to nirvana any person can be.