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Welcome to Our New Non-Executive Chairman, Jane Earl

Jane Earl

We're excited to welcome Jane Earl to our board as non-executive chair.

Most recently, Jane has been Chief Executive of Rich Mix, an arts centre in Shoreditch, London where she’s been in post for over 6 years. Alongside this, she has held numerous Non-Executive Director positions, including at Cifas, the Legal Service Board and Reach For. Before that, Jane had an extensive career in Government.

We met Jane a couple of years ago and were excited by her commitment to leadership in the sector. We felt a natural synergy with her pragmatic approach to balancing the creative and the commercial within the sector. Added to that, our core values align strongly; Jane’s leadership style puts great emphasis on people, focusing on the importance of relationships, honesty and common sense inside and outside of the workplace.

We liked Jane so much, we invited her to speak at the 2014 Spektrix Conference as our final keynote of the day. She delivered a powerful speech on the challenges she’s faced running Rich Mix and the lessons she’s learned on the way.

Over the years we’ve known each other, we’ve discussed the challenges of running our businesses, the needs of the sector and opportunities for development within the arts and technology. So when the opportunity came up to grow the board, she seemed a natural candidate. The timing couldn’t have been better, co-inciding with the end of her time at Rich Mix.

In her new role with us as chair, she’ll be working with us to make sure we’re doing everything we can to achieve our mission of helping arts organizations be more successful through better ticketing, marketing and fundraising. She’ll also work with us to build the longer term strategy as we explore the potential of working with the wider entertainment industry and towards our ultimate goal of being the global technology platform for entertainment ticketing.

Beyond this, Jane is here to hold the senior management team to account. She’ll help us establish smart processes for planning and reporting across the business. She’ll help ensure we stay focused on our goals, working with us individually and as a team, acting as an advisor and a mentor to us.

Our board meetings happen monthly, usually lasting a couple of hours. They provide an opportunity to update the board on the state of the business, looking at our key performance metrics and discussing key projects across the business (such as our growth plans for North America and the status of Spektrix Two). Ultimately, the board’s role is to review the decisions we’re making across the business, to offer advice and to guide our decision-making process. They sense check any major decisions to make sure they’re in-line with our overall strategy and are making the most of the resources we have. Of course, there’s a whole host of governance and due diligence they do alongside this too, but the most value they tend to add is where they input into our strategy and help us evaluate the appropriate courses of action.

We expect everyone on our board to be committed to our mission and to subscribe to our values. Beyond that though, we want everyone to bring different skills and experience to the table. What excites us about Jane, is her first-hand understanding of the arts, her absolute commitment to finding ways to strengthen the sector as a whole, her experience in organizational change and her exceptional skills as a leader and mentor.

Welcome to the team Jane! We can’t wait to work with you.