Ideas from the team


What's Coming Up for the Arts in 2014?

What does 2014 hold in store for the arts when it comes to ticketing, marketing, and fundraising? We asked around the Spektrix team and this is what they said...

Shared ticketing systems 

“The arts have been talking about increasing collaboration across the sector for a while, and with the additional potential money-saving benefits, shared city-wide or regional box office systems are becoming a more popular idea. However, without rigorously examining the practical realities of implementing such a system and setting a clear list of objectives, such schemes are likely to fail. We’ll be talking about how to implement shared box office systems properly in further depth very soon.” – Michael, Spektrix co-founder and MD.

The arts are finally going to get mean

"The arts are tired of funding cuts which seem to be announced every week, and tired of being told that they’re amateur marketers with rubbish websites. I predict more arts organisations will be fighting back with 2014 - whether that’s by diversifying revenue from other sources or non-profits adopting innovative fundraising practices. Perhaps most importantly, the arts will stop apologising for asking for money which will free the sector up to really start dreaming big with its fundraising goals.” – Libby, Director of Business Development

Privacy and security

“In the wake of Edward Snowden and the NSA revelations, privacy is a hot topic at the moment and with individuals already nervous about where their data might be going, it’s never been more important to observe best practice in the storage and use of data. In 2014, arts organisations will be asking their software providers how they make sure customer data is safe. But hopefully good can come of this as well, with data being used more judiciously to improve marketing effectiveness and engage with audiences better.” – James, VP Operations, Spektrix USA

Booking fees

“People don’t buy tickets, they buy experiences. Breaking the price they pay into base cost and fees just undermines the emotional impact of the purchase and dulls the enjoyment of a good night out. Purging online booking fees entirely will help improve customer relationships and encourage return attendance. Our sector needs to make hidden, last-minute top-up fees a thing of the past.” – Michael (read more of Michael's thoughts on booking fees).

Secondary ticketing

"Last year, there were countless news stories about annoyed fans missing out on tickets for sell-out entertainment including theatre. The public is more disgruntled than ever. MPs such as Mike Weatherley have resolved to tackle the issue this year, so it's one we'll be hearing about again and again as pressure mounts on the industry." – Ben, Account Manager 

Faith in the cloud

“Mashable predicts cloud storage will be used by everyday people far more than backing up on a hard disk, and Huddle recently reported adoption of their cloud service by the public sector is way up. We’ve still got some way to go, but 2014 could be the year that arts organisations finally start recognising the benefits and start thinking ‘cloud first’ when it comes to their business IT needs.” – James.