Frequently asked questions

We really want to use Spektrix, but we only sell a small number of tickets a year. Are you right for us?

Our software and support services are recommended for organizations generating at least $200,000 USD/$250,000 CAD in earned revenue per year. If your revenues are less than that, we might be able to connect you to one of our existing clients who could help.

What are your costs for payment processing?

We do not offer payment processing services. If you are located in the US then you will use Worldpay for your integrated payment gateway, and then can bid your payment processing services out to any vendor you would like. We generally recommend using Worldpay as your payment processor in addition to their payment gateway services. Using Worldpay for both of these services will allow you to access discounted payment gateway services and is generally the best deal, but you are free to choose your own processor as desired. If you are in Canada then you will use Moneris as both your payment gateway and processor.

Do I need a separate contract with the payment gateway provider?

You’ll need a payment processing agreement with Worldpay (US) or Moneris (Canada) which we’ll help you coordinate.

What hardware do I need to buy?

All you need to access Spektrix is a computer with an internet connection. Usually, a PC that is less than 3 years old and can run the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer will be fine. Some customers use Spektrix on iPads and Android tablets. Other hardware options you might need to buy include:

  • Ticket printers. Our clients usually continue to use the printers they have already, but some older models don’t work with Spektrix. We can happily check this for you and point you towards suppliers who are able to offer Spektrix-friendly options from $500 to $550.
  • Scanners. Our ticket scanning system uses Stimare SAVEO-SCAN-M22D-BH 2D scanners connected to any Android device that supports 'OTG USB'. The scanners cost between $605 and $635 and although we don't provide Android devices, these usually retail at around $100.

Please note that the prices above exclude tax and that this hardware may be subject to change.

What would I have to pay and when?

You would pay on a monthly basis, only when you start processing live sales using Spektrix. Our billing is designed to be as cash-flow friendly as possible, so we bill one month in arrears with charges calculated directly in proportion to your sales.

Do you just work with performing arts organizations? I’m a festival/museum/something else and I need help!

We work with a wide variety of organizations. If you’re not sure that we’re the right kind of provider for your business, give us a call and we’ll happily advise.

We’re used to making big software purchases through a tender process that’s geared up for capital expenditure, can you help?

We recognize that many organizations are obligated to purchase through an RFP process and where we're invited to apply, we’ll usually participate.

Is Spektrix secure?

When it comes to security, your venue has nothing to worry about. Spektrix has been built from the ground up with the highest levels of digital and physical security in mind. All of our servers are located in a tier IV data center, which has 24/7 onsite security and tightly restricted access control. Accessing your ticketing system via the cloud means you don’t have access to core system files, which are safely behind lock and key at all times. This makes it easier to comply with all sorts of regulations, from Data Protection to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.