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The Future of
Patron Loyalty

Is your current approach to loyalty the right one for you and your audiences?

Traditional approaches to loyalty may no longer work in a fast-changing world. At Spektrix, we’re committed to working with arts and culture professionals to anticipate the needs of your audiences and provide you with the practical insights and solutions necessary to continue driving revenue. 


Partners from across the sector share dynamic and responsive approaches to loyalty

Recorded live on 9 February 2023, you can learn more from each of our partners in the segments below.

There was so much to say, we didn't quite have time to answer all of your questions. Read responses from both sides of the Atlantic on our blog

Jane Whitty, Senior Consultant

Strategies for building audience loyalty in 2023 and beyond.

Rani Haywood, Senior Vice President

Fixed and flex subscriptions based on her experience at The Met Opera and current work with Carnegie Hall. 

Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth, Senior Consultant & Analyst 

A detailed look at the performance of different types of subscriptions and compare data from the past two years to pre-pandemic figures.  

Eric Nelson, Client Engagement Officer

Exciting new data from TRG’s Arts & Culture Benchmark, a survey of data from 400+ organizations that compares trends in revenue and customer behavior between 2022 and 2019.


"Capacity Interactive/ Digital Marketing Consulting for the Arts" written in black serif and red sanserif font.

Capacity Interactive provides digital arts marketing for arts marketers by arts marketers.

Learn more about Capacity Interactive

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Actionable Strategies for Building Audience Loyalty

A headshot of Jane Whitty, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing a blue collared shirt.

Jane Whitty

Senior Consultant

Jane is a digital marketer and arts administration professional with 15+ years' experience. With Capacity Interactive, She helps organizations meet their digital marketing goals.

Rani Haywood 2022-1

Rani Haywood

Senior Vice President

Rani works with arts and cultural organizations in the US and Australia on a variety of projects. Prior to joining TOCG, Rani headed up in-house marketing and ticketing teams at The Metropolitan Opera, Roundabout Theater Company and Sydney Theater Company.

Tom OConnor Consulting Group Logo

Tom O'Connor Consulting Group is an audience insight consultancy, helping clients to create new ways forward by putting audiences at the heart of their decisions.

Learn more about Tom O'Connor Consulting Group

Read Rani's blog:
Meeting Our Audiences Where They Are: Flexible Ticket Models

JCA Arts Marketing logo in white, royal blue, and light blue

JCA Arts Marketing is a nonprofit-only consulting firm with a focus on the arts. They help organizations increase revenue, optimize operations, and build lasting audience relationships.

Learn more about JCA Arts Marketing

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The Case for Rethinking your Loyalty Program

Jennifer Sowinski Headshot

Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth

Senior Consultant & Analyst

Jennifer provides data-driven consulting to arts and culture clients across North America. She is an expert at helping organizations leverage their data to increase revenue and grow reattendance.

Eric Nelson - TRG Arts US - 2022

Eric Nelson

Client Engagement Officer

TRG Arts is proud to partner with performing and visual arts organizations of all shapes and sizes to grow patron participation, revenue, and community impact. Prior to joining TRG, Eric was Director of Marketing and Communications for New York City's Kaufman Music Center.

TRG Arts Logo

TRG Arts is an international change-agency committed to building thriving arts and cultural industry by successfully shaping for-profit and non-profit business models to focus on consumer relationships, financial stability, organizational frameworks, and people-centric teams.

Learn more about TRG Arts

Read Eric's blog:
The Future of Customer Loyalty: Using data to inform your planning

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