Rethinking Recruitment

Practical and inclusive ideas for attracting and hiring great people into customer relationship management roles in the cultural sector.

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What you'll find:

  • Easy, quick-to-implement ideas for job descriptions, questions and interview tasks that will widen your talent pool.

  • Templates and resources to help you design inclusive criteria and objective selection processes.

  • Lessons we've learned from rethinking recruitment at Spektrix.

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"What are the core qualities needed to be a great cultural sector marketer, fundraiser or sales team member? Can changing the way we look at job requirements and recruitment practices help us find people with these qualities and give us a better chance of increasing the diversity of our teams?"
Michael Nabarro
Spektrix CEO & co-founder (London)
“To cultivate greater diversity and equity, we need to constantly interrogate our own assumed ‘requirements’ that are limiting or downright exclusionary. By investing in onboarding new hires to our specific platforms and business models, we invite their expertise and create belonging. And that’s the point.”
Tom O'Connor
Tom O'Connor Consulting Group, President (New York)
"People who joined us from arts organizations work alongside others whose experience comes from customer service roles, teaching and training, and tech companies. Their diverse experiences bring different ideas and perspectives which benefit our team and our users.”
Vanessa Velazquez
Spektrix Vice President, Client Success (New York)
"Flexibility is at the absolute heart of inclusivity. The more choices you give your team, the more you empower people to find solutions that are accessible for them. The key is not to assume what someone needs but to give them the freedom to meet their individual access requirements."
Paul Hawkins
Attitude is Everything (London)
"The words you use, the places you advertise, the skills and experience you choose to prioritise, the way you talk about your benefits and your organisational culture, they all say something about who you are. And if we aren't prepared to change our thinking, we will never see the change that we so desperately need to see."
Ash Mann
Substrakt (London)

Questions or suggestions?

Rethinking Recruitment explores ideas for widening recruitment into customer relationship management related roles in marketing, fundraising, ticketing and sales. We make no claims to have finished our journey towards a fully inclusive recruitment process, but we hope and believe that the sector can share in the lessons we’ve learned so far. We’d love to hear about any additional ideas, improvements or resources you can share.

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