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As a certified B Corporation, Spektrix has made a commitment to use business as a force for good

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We've demonstrated good practice in our governance, in our impact on the environment, our customers and the community, and in the security and autonomy we offer our people.

People are at the centre of our business, and that begins with our own team.

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Spektrix works with arts and entertainment organisations - theatres, music venues, visitor attractions and many more - to help them build stronger relationships with audiences, donors and participants. Through a closely combined offer of technology, business services and partner solutions, we enable the organisations we work with to maximise ticket sales, increase engagement, build revenue and grow the efficacy and happiness of their teams.

Spektrix technology is a highly specialised, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform for ticketing, marketing and fundraising, designed around the unique needs of the live events industry. Users are supported to make the most of that technology through an exceptional programme of training, consultancy and insight. And we facilitate connections with a network of expert partners, whose knowledge and solutions add even more opportunities for growth and positive outcomes for ourselves and our users.

Spektrix people work as a united team, embracing technology to connect home and office-based working based out of three sites in London, New York and Manchester. In our daily practice and our individual journeys, every team member - from software engineers to client facing teams and administrative staff - is encouraged to learn from, question and guide one another so that together we can achieve our mission: to work in partnership with organisations presenting arts, cultural and entertainment experiences to build a strong, vibrant and connected industry.

Spektrix is a SaaS product that provides the arts and entertainment industry with ticket sales, reporting, marketing, fundraising and CRM functionality. The Spektrix product aims to manage and facilitate access to all the data that underpins an organisation running live events.

We build a variety of interfaces - from a web application that provides a day-to-day working environment for our users, through to APIs and web components that can be integrated into their websites. As we create new functionality we take a cloud native approach preferring PaaS solutions that allow us to focus on what we do best.

The engineering teams practice pair programming, agile delivery and test driven development, as well as continuous integration to build and run the Spektrix platform.

Our team culture

High collaboration is important for getting the best outcomes so we talk to each other a lot. We aim to continuously improve and make space for regular reflection and learning. We believe writing software is a creative job so we do it best in a flexible, open and inclusive environment.

What are the most important values for new team members to bring to the table?
“The most important things are being proactive when you see ways we could improve and collaborative in how you go about making that improvement.” Robin Dodds, Engineering Management Lead
Our next big challenges are:
  • Continuing to migrate to a more service-oriented architecture
  • Building new features to benefit the wider North American market alongside existing users in the UK and Ireland
Our engineering team works with the following technologies and tools:


A graphic showcasing technologies and tools used by the Spektrix engineering team, including c#, Microsoft Azure, Terraform, SQL, Cloudflare, git, Visual Studio, Rider, Jira, Dapper, NHibernate, Brighter,

The sector-facing teams at Spektrix include ImplementationBusiness DevelopmentClient Relationship ManagementMarketing & Communications and our biggest team, Support, Training & Consultancy. Our teams have a range of responsibilities, all there to help the organisations we work with get the most from Spektrix.

Our team culture
“Everyone on the team is thoughtful, open and generous. We are often working on longer term projects behind the scenes, or chatting with clients over the phone or at events, so it’s important that making time for each other comes naturally.” Paul McGuinness, Head of Client Relations, UK & Ireland
  • We make time for collaboration, sharing ideas and learning from each other
  • We're ambitious - we achieve a lot and take pride in delivering for our clients
  • We have fun - we spend time getting to know each other and having a good time together
  • We prioritise wellbeing
What are the most important values for new team members to bring to the table?
  • Be a 'team player': Work with others to drive tasks and projects to completion. Shared success is a core value of our teams.
  • Love learning - every day you learn something new about the system, our users or our offer
  • Be motivated by making a positive difference
Looking ahead

The Spektrix team is growing, and we’re excited to see so many new people bringing new experiences and ideas into the team. From evolving scalable consultancy services to exploring global initiatives, we can’t wait to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the next few years together.

Our Finance, People and Office teams make up the internal-facing part of Spektrix. We work collaboratively across many areas of the business and support them by putting at their disposal the various tools and resources they need.

The team culture
“Our team culture is one of support, respect and trust.” Ciara Flannery, Chief of Staff

Applying good sense to everything we do, we invest the time in sharing advice, visibility and support so our colleagues are able to self-serve going forward. We support investments which bring returns for the business, whether they're monetary or not. We take pride in helping others and that's what motivates us day to day.

Spektrix is an ever changing, high growth business focused on creating solutions for our users. That brings lots of exciting challenges - we're always looking to learn from best practice and what other companies do to guide our thinking.

What are the most important values for new team members to bring to the table?
  • We are approachable and we create a positive and welcoming environment.
  • We value open-mindedness - no question is silly and we always look for ways that we can do things better.
  • We value different experiences and viewpoints. We are sensitive to the differing needs of each team member and we approach everything with inclusivity in the forefront of our minds.
  • Whatever your role is, you should feel empowered to suggest improvements and own the success of the team.
Our next challenges are…
  • Improving the overall workplace experience, including establishing the new and existing offices as exciting and enjoyable places to come together and work - where people look forward to their office days and they know the space will meet their needs.
  • Experimenting with new ways of working to make our new hybrid working approach a success.
  • Continuing to monitor and adapt to the changing situation caused by the pandemic.
“With several investments planned to enhance collaboration and support growth, we're buzzing thinking about everything we'll learn on the way and where we'll be in 12 months' time.” - Raphaelle Roux, Head of Finance

Benefits of working at Spektrix

People are a priority

Sabbaticals, pay reviews and retirement plans support you now and in the future

Four people standing in a row smiling.
Health and wellbeing

Generous sick leave and mental health days

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Learning culture

We encourage exploration, celebrating success and sharing responsibility

A graduation cap on a book.
International expertise

Sector leaders in technology and culture on both sides of the Atlantic

Two hands holding a globe.
Professional development

Ongoing personalized learning and opportunities for individual development

A bright light bulb leaning against a notebook.
Competitive benefits

Enhanced parental support, healthcare and generous paid time off

A diverse group of people holding hands.
Inclusive culture

We champion diversity and inclusion across all our teams, in policies and practice

Hands holding a colorful cutout of people.
Flexible working

Work where you like, when you like, around our core hours and planned contact time

A red clock on a blue background.
Giving back

Volunteering days and office-wide initiatives with charities and schools

A hand putting a paper heart in a coinslot.
Hybrid working

Hybrid work model with working from home support and offices with amenities

A woman working on laptop outside.
Time away from work

15 days of paid time off per calendar year and 15 federal holidays

A red pin in a day marked as a holiday on a calendar..
Paid insurance

Company-paid medical, dental and vision insurance

A woman handing an insurance card to a doctor.

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