Brand guidelines


Brand and tone guidelines for partners working with Spektrix

At Spektrix, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our partners. We know that by working together we can provide greater value to our shared clients, and better support the industry to thrive.

We understand the value that our name can lend to our partners in promoting their products and services, and we fully support the use of our name and logo for mutual benefit. Below you will find some guidelines to help ensure clear and effective communication around your company’s relationship with Spektrix, alongside guidelines for the sanctioned use of our logos.


Tone of voice

In order to avoid confusion when referring to your relationship with Spektrix, please focus on how your company works with us or how your product integrates with Spektrix. We ask this because it's best for both parties if clients are able to have a clear understanding of who is responsible for a product or service, and who has created it.

Suggested language:
  • We have experience integrating our product with Spektrix systems.
  • Our product makes it possible to do X, using data from your Spektrix system without the need for manual intervention.
  • We are a Spektrix Partner.
  • We have worked with Spektrix to provide streamlined workflows for X, saving your teams time and effort.
Please avoid anything that implies:
  • That your product or service is published by or directly affiliated with Spektrix.
  • That you have exclusivity with Spektrix, or that Spektrix has endorsed your product or service.
  • That Spektrix has tested or accredited your product or service.
  • That Spektrix has ‘preferred suppliers’.
  • That your product or service is connected to the Spektrix product release cycle.

Please use the Spektrix trademarks in text only in the instance that you are directly referring to or linking to Spektrix products and services in accordance with the terms of these guidelines. Please ensure that the collateral and publicity around your product or service denotes your own unique brand and clearly signals to users that it is not directly affiliated with or endorsed by Spektrix. You may use Spektrix trademarks in text solely to refer to and/or link to Spektrix products and services and in accordance with the terms of these guidelines.


Spektrix logo


Spektrix logo png transparent background 300px default

Download logo

Full colour (preferred)

Full colour logo png file
Full colour logo jpg file

Monochrome (secondary)

All white logo png file
All black logo png file

Should you require logos in any other format, please contact us.

Should you require logos in any other format, please contact us.


Who can use our logo

You are authorised to use this approved Spektrix logo if:

  • We have shared clients and you have built an integration with Spektrix, OR
  • We have collaborated to create tools to help streamline work for mutual clients, OR
  • You have other explicit written consent from Spektrix to use our logo.

Our logo is a trademark of Spektrix, protected in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the United States as well as being on the International Trademark Register. We provide it to enable partners to use it to list services that they integrate with or tools they have experience of using.


Guidelines for using the Spektrix logo

Please ensure that:

  • The logo is legible by placing it on an uncluttered background.
  • Ensure that the greens in the logo are not obscured by placing them on a similar-coloured background.
  • Ensure that the logo is not distorted in any way.

We prefer the logo to be presented in full colour, rather than greyscale.

Please use Spektrix-approved logos only - do not create any of your own mockups. If you wish to adapt the logo from the files provided above, or use our logo or name in any other manner, please contact us for permission before doing so.