Identify shared clients


Sharing data with Spektrix via Crossbeam

Crossbeam is a free platform that helps build more valuable partner ecosystems by enabling companies to share and compare client and prospect lists. Crossbeam acts as a secure holding service for the data, allowing partners full control of what they share, and presenting real-time updates on overlapping clients, pipeline, and more — all for free.

Why do I need to use it to partner with Spektrix?

  • It's important for Spektrix to understand which clients we have in common with our partners so we can better allocate resources and streamline collaboration.
  • It has the added benefit of helping us identify mutually beneficial opportunities.


What information do I need to share?

Your current clients
You can set your rules so that Spektrix will only see the names of clients we have in common (eg ‘overlap’). No personal data is shared.


How do I sign up?

Register as a Spektrix Partner via Crossbeam. It’s free.
There are two quick steps to complete once you have registered:

  • Connect your data source (e.g. your client CRM). Crossbeam has integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot and others, but you can also simply share a list of clients via their CSV connector. Please ensure that web domain is included in your client list - this is the unique identifier that Crossbeam uses for matching.
  • With your data, create at least one population in Crossbeam - this should be your client/customer list. Crossbeam has a handy support article that can take you through this process.

    Call the population CompanyName Clients (replacing CompanyName with your company name) and provide the names of your client organisations and their web domains, which will be used as the unique identifier.

If you offer multiple products to Spektrix clients please ensure that you create distinct populations for each product that you provide, so that we can identify which products different Spektrix clients are using and where there may be mutually beneficial opportunities.


How do I connect my account data?

How can I control what data is shared?

  • None of the data you are asked to share is personally identifiable.
  • Controls in Crossbeam are granular, so you can share only what you want to share.
  • You can ensure that you only share the number of clients in common if you want to retain full privacy, but this will limit how we can support you.
  • When you create your first and any subsequent populations, you’ll be asked to set a 'sharing default'. You can then change the level of sharing at any time for any given population, with any partner.
  • You can share numbers and organisation names in common for more transparency.


Next steps

Exchanging further data (optional)

You may want to share your list of prospects/leads with us, in order to collaborate on sales or marketing efforts - We can work together under a non-disclosure agreement if you prefer.

  • Your prospect list should be shared as a separate population in Crossbeam which you call CompanyName Prospects , replacing CompanyName with your company name.
  • Include the same information as you have for clients - name and web domain.
  • Let us know if you intend to share this information so that we can support you.