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Spektrix is the fastest-growing provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ticketing software for cultural organisations in the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada. Partnering with Spektrix, you can access these markets through one easy integration process.

Spektrix is the CRM at the heart of an organisation. Your integration will contribute to the richness of data in our system, giving our clients the single point of truth they need to be successful.


We deliver our product through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We are multi-tenant and cloud-based, enabling partners who integrate with one Spektrix client to connect additional clients without any further development to the integration. Our platform is designed to enable straightforward integrations with partner software, so Spektrix clients can go live with their choice of partner products much more quickly than users of any other CRM system.

  • No partnership / referral fees to for platform access / API usage
  • No costs from us during the integration process or for ongoing support

Building an integration with Spektrix

Partners who build integrations between their products and Spektrix can benefit from uniquely swift takeup:

  • Our team can support you before, during and after the integration process. Every Spektrix partner enjoys the same expert support as we would extend to our clients, at no cost.
  • Make the most of our partnership by building a direct integration. Details of our API, iframes and web components are publicly available via our Integration Portal.
  • You can integrate with Spektrix via Zapier. This might be attractive if you are already on Zapier or if you’re ready to explore the sector but are not in a position to build a direct integration.
  • No barriers to adoption for Spektrix users: All clients are using the most up-to-date version of Spektrix at all times. There are no additional costs for upgrades, nor for making use of partner products through our APIs. If a Spektrix client buys your product or service, they can simply switch the integration on and get going.
  • There are no technical barriers in place for Spektrix users. All users are on the same version iteration of Spektrix. Our platform is accessed over the internet, with no locally-hosted servers or different server configurations from client to client. This means that you only need to complete your technical integration with Spektrix once.

Get started with your integration

Got any questions? Meet our integration experts:

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Partner Integrations Specialist


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Client Integrations Lead


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Theo Pacun
Integration Engineer

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